What is in a name Part 2

“Hey, Leroy. Do we have any more of those healing potions? I don’t know how much more I can take here” Garm said looking over his shoulder to a five foot six man in muddy full plate armor without a helmet. His hair was short, coal black, and he was supporting a five o’clock shadow.

Leroy patted his sides then took his pack off and jiggled it. “Nope, I think the last of ‘em were destroyed when I was inside that gelantius Cube.”

“Well, don’t you have any juice left to heal me just a bit? I don’t think we will be safe on this road for long. We have two more days of travel just to get to town” Garm said.

“Nope, used the last of it when Scroto caught fire while we were fighting that crazy fast kobold. Darn thing didn’t stop throwing those alchemists fire at us. I fit wasn’t for Anthrax’s skill at fighting we would all be goners by now” Leroy said. “Oh, that reminds me. Anthrax how you doing back there?”

“Oh, just peachy. That spear in my side cured the pain in my back from the javelin that Garm was so nice to throw to me” Anthrax said. She was a five foot nine woman with long brown hair that was falling freely around her face. She had a sharp square chin, thin muscular face, and cold blue eyes. She had a pack on her back and chainmail armor on. She carried a long sword strapped to her side and a shield slung on her arm.

“I said I was sorry” Garm said in Anthrax’s direction.

“Yea, that’s nice. Sorry’s heal all my wounds.” Anthrax replied. “Can you keep saying it? Maybe then I can stop bleeding!” She was looking around as she walked and complained. Her limp was very noticeable and there were bandages peeking out from under her armor and cloths.

“Hey it’s going to be dark soon. Let’s find a place to camp” came a voice from in front of Anthrax. “Anthrax just relax. Leroy will be able to help you tomorrow. His body just need rest before he can channel more healing energy. Anyways, you know Garm didn’t mean it.” In front of Anthrax was a halfling. He stood about four foot five with long reddish brown hair that was tied up in a knot on the top of his head.  His face was clean and looked a lot like a human child’s. He had on a pack that was brimming with items. Every stop he took there came a clinking sound. He had on leather armor with cloth peeking out in certain locations. The only thing that separated him from a human child was his arms, feet, and pointed ears. His hands and feet were covered in hair and almost as big as an adult human’s.

“If I remember correctly there should be a good place to camp just around this bend” Garm said pointing up the beaten path with his half spear. They were surrounded by trees and brush except for a winding ten foot beaten path. The path had clearly been traveled heavily at some point in time. There were wheel ruts that were getting grown over with grass and ferns. They were traveling down the middle of the path keeping a close eye on the brush line on both sides.

They came around the bend and were greeted with an unbroken brush line. Anthrax looked around real quick and said “Good job Garm. You messed up again.”

“I could have sworn there was a place right here when we were going the otherway. Maybe it is just around the next bend” Garm said.

“Let’s hope so Garm because I am so tired that I am about to fall asleep walking” Leroy stated.

“We are all tired Leroy. But he does have a point Garm. By the looks of it if there isn’t a good place to camp at the next bend then we will have to camp in the middle of the path. I will like to avoid that at all costs though” Scroto said.

They rounded the bend and found an opening. “See there it is!” Garm pointed and exclaimed.

“Alright finally” Anthrax said exasperated. “At least something good happened today!” She pushed to the front and walked into the clearing first brushing Garm aside as she did so.

The clearing was no more than a ten foot open space in the forest. The floor was littered with dead leaves and pine needles. There was a slight indent in the exact middle of the clearing. Garm entered the clearing followed by Leroy and Scroto. Anthrax dropped her pack near a large tree toward the end and flopped down leaning against the tree trunk. Garm dropped his pack at the furthest right of the opening. Leroy took the furthest left tree and settled down next to it.

“I’ll go get some firewood” Garm said walking straight into the forest as he layed his half spear and shield next to his pack. His pack had javelin points handing out of the top flap.

“Hold on Garm. No fire tonight. We don’t want the goblins to know where we are” Scroto said as he surveyed the clearing from the center.

“But we killed everything in that cave Scroto. What goblins are left? Like I said I’ll go get the firewood” Garm turned toward the trees and stared to walk forward once again.

“Garm, we can not guarantee that there weren’t any out scouting for other places or even scouting Antioch again. If there were they could be on their way back home now. Better be safe than sorry” Scroto said looking in Garm’s direction sternly.

“Yea Garm just relax will ya? I thought you said you didn’t know if you could take any more beatings. Best we not chance the fire. Oh, and will you please sleep far enough away from me that you can’t hit me with one of those javelins in your sleep? I really don’t want to be a pincushion in the morning” Anthrax said with her eyes closed and head back against the trunk of the tree.

Garm looked at Scroto then at Anthrax while they were talking and sighed audibily clearly giving up.

“Okay, now we have to figure who is going to take watches. I’ll take the first watch. Who wants second?” Scroto looked at the others in turn as he asked the question.

“I’ll take the second watch” Leroy said looking at Scroto.

“I’ll take the third!” Garm said excitedly.

“So, that leaves you for the last watch Anthrax” Scroto said looking over at her.

“Yea, yea. Let me get some sleep will you?” Anthrax curled up in a ball and turned over on her side.

Scroto dropped his pack as Leroy laid down. He walked to the opening securing some daggers inside his sleeves. Garm harrumphed and walked after Scroto. “Hey are you sure I can’t build a fire? If I go now I could get enough wood for the night” Garm said tapping Scroto on the shoulder.

“No, Garm. Just go and get some rest before your watch” Scroto said looking up at Garm.

“Alright. Fine. But, if you get cold tonight don’t come complaining to me” Garm said turning around and walking to his back to lay up against the tree.

Garm sat there for a while staring up at the darkening skies reflecting on everything that happened that day. “How did we live through that?” Garm muttered to himself. Garm laid back further down the tree as he stretched his arms behind his head so he could stare up at the stars that were starting to peek out through the black canvas of the night sky. Garm could only hope that all his adventures wouldn’t turn out this way. He fell asleep picturing the battle against the large Gelatine like creature.

Garm woke up to a foot in the rib. “Enhh, what is it?” Garm started to rub his eyes and stretch.

“It’s your turn to take over the watch my friend” Said a deep gruff voice in a whisper.

“Now? But I have only been asleep for like a minute. I should have longer still” Garm said opening his eyes and looking at Leroy bent over his body.

“No, Garm you have been snoring now for several hours. If is you turn so please get up” Leroy said giving Garm another gentle kick, this time in the legs.

“Uhh, Fine. Anything not worthy happen that I need to know?” Garm asked stretching again and sitting up.

“Heard some rustling in the bushes but it sounded a lot like a raccoon” Leroy said watching Garm stand up. “Just keep your ears open man. If you hear a lot of rustling and what sounds like feet approaching then wake us up. Alright?”

“Yea, I know how to do a watch Leroy. I did it on the way up remember? It is not like I forgot how to in a day you know” Garm said as he picked up his half spear and shield.

“Yea, just try not to fall asleep like you did that one time” Leroy stated as he dropped his weapons beside his pack and got comfortable again.

“That was only that one time Leroy. Relax will ya?” Garm said heading toward the opening. Garm had to step over the curled up ball of Scroto, who decided to just lay down in the middle of the clearing hugging his pack to himself. Garm found a good spot near the pathway and settled down for his watch. To keep himself busy he used his half spear to doodle in the dirt. His watch passed without too much happening. When he felt that his time was over he got up and quietly walked to Anthrax. Garm tapped Anthrax with his foot and jumped back slightly. He remembered the last time he had to wake her up. She lunged at him just after he shook her.

“Enh??? It can’t be my turn already” Anthrax said rolling over to her back. “Go away will you?”

“It is your turn Anthrax” Garm whispered loudly.

“Fine.” Anthrax simply stated opening her eyes and stretching.  “Anything happen?”

“Nothing really. I only heard some howling of wolves maybe two or three miles off toward the mountain we came from. But, I wouldn’t worry about that. Just wolves” Garm said as he bent closer to Anthrax so he wouldn’t have to talk so loudly.

Anthrax grabbed her sword and shield that were lying beside her. She stood up and strapped them on and walked toward the clearing. “Sounds good.”

“Welp, good night” Garm said as she passed him. He walked back to his belongings and laid back down. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep to the dreams of battling goblins and kobolds.

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2 Responses to What is in a name Part 2

  1. dbakashojou says:

    Hey, good chapter, but the first was better. Why did you switch characters? And I don’t feel like anything happened. Besides that they’re interactions were amusing, but there were a lot of silly typos. You should read it over again.

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