What’s in a name Part 3

Garm Ducked a wayward swing from a mace-wielding goblin while simultaneously blocking another swing with his shield. Spinning to his right Garm dodged a third strike coming down toward his bent head. He turned back around and snarled at the group of goblins before him.

Garm heard the breathing of a fourth goblin coming in from behind him. He kicked out low with his foot and felt the resistance of the approaching goblin’s legs give way and heard it landing with a thump. Using his right hand he took his half-spear and flipped it deftly so the point was facing down and plunged it into the goblin behind him whilst watching the three goblins before him. With a spout of blood he pulled the spear free and flipped it once more so that the point was facing forward once more. With the fast motion, blood came free of the spear and hit one of the goblins eyes. The goblin stopped to wipe the blood from it’s’ face only to have a half-spear materialize in his chest.

Again Garm had to pull his spear free but this time he took a step back so that he could react to anything coming. “You shall pay for killing my friends! After I am done with you, I shall hunt your race down and kill every last one of you rotten beings!” Garm snarled at the remaining two goblins. The rock floor of the cave was littered with goblin corpses. Just a few feet from where Garm was standing laid the bodies of his friends. All of them except Scroto had their skulls crushed by a mace. Scroto was the unfortunate one to die from a thrown javelin right at the beginning of the battle.

One of the goblins snarled back at Garm and yelled “Get UP!!!!!”                 Garm scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion. The goblins snarled and charged in swinging. Garm blocked one of the maces with his shield and the other he turned aside with his half-spear. He stabbed out under his shield catching that goblin squarely in the chest. He took a step forward and turned around quickly so that the last goblin was now in front of him again. Garm pulled the spear free and as he did the goblin croaked out “Get up…..” Garm hesitated and looked over at the dying goblin as it crumpled to the floor. As he did he felt something hit his legs taking them out from under him. He fell backwards hitting the ground hard.

Garm sat up quickly. He was staring at Scroto standing over him. “What?” Garm asked squinting from the sun that was illuminating the clearing.

“Anthrax fell asleep on watch. Now we are late. Get ready we need to move within the hour.” Scroto said getting up to get his pack ready.

“Why an hour? I can be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“You forget that Leroy needs time to pray every morning. So just make sure you have everything ready will you?” Scroto replied

“Okay, fine. I have to piss anyways.” Garm stretched while yawning. He get up and started to walk into the woods but stopped and looked back. “Say Scroto, have you ever noticed how similar your voice is to a goblins?”

“Umm, No and I really don’t want to know how you came to that conclusion Garm.” Scroto looked over his shoulder at Garm as he answered him and got something from his pack. “Get ready as quickly as you can will you?”

“You know a please can go a long way.” Garm turned back and walked into the woods. “Going to pee now I’ll be back.” As he entered the woods it didn’t take too long until he saw Anthrax coming from the other way. “Hey Anthrax. Have a good rest?” Garm smiled as he past her.

“Yea, now we are even I guess. Let’s just get back to Antioch Garm” Anthrax said while limping past. “See you back at camp.” The last seemed as if she said it through gritted teeth.

Garm did his business and returned in a couple of minutes. He came back and Scroto sitting on his pack, eating some dried meat. Anthrax was sitting by her pack leaning up against the tree trunk chewing on some dried meat as well. “That looks good. Have you any more Scroto?”                 “You don’t have any more in your pack?” Scroto asked between bites. Garm shook his head in response. “Okay, here.” Scroto dug in one of his pouches on his belt and pulled out a hunk of dried meat. He tossed it to Garm. Garm went to grab it out of the air but fumbled it up into the air. With a second try he bobbled it up again, with a third grab at it he was able to catch it finally. He immediately took a large chunk out of it.

Garm gathered up his pack and weapons so he could grab them and go as soon as everyone was ready. “So where did Leroy go to anyways?”                 “Over there.” Scroto pointed behind where Leroy’s pack laid. “He should be back soon.”                 Just as Garm took the last bite of meat Leroy walked back into the clearing. “Thank you for waiting everyone.” Leroy walked to the middle of the clearing and asked “So who is still feeling it today?” Leroy looked around at everyone.

In response everyone raised their hands to indicate themselves. Leory chuckled at the sight. “Ladies first guys. Sorry.” Leroy walked over to Anthrax and laid his hand on her arm. As he did a white blue glow surrounded his hand and moved into her body. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened up as if in relief. When she breathed a smoky mist came out and dissipated into the air. “How does it feel now?”

Anthrax stood up and did a trunk twist. As she did, Leroy stood up. “A lot better. Still a little pain but nothing I can’t handle.”

“So we headed back out onto the beaten path….”


“With me in the lead of course……”                 “GARM!!!???”

“Hunh? What did you say?” Garm looked down from the horse’s saddle to Flurry Fist who was walking next to him.

“Garm, not that your story isn’t interesting and all but you have been talking now for half a day. Are you even close to where you earned your name?”

“Well it didn’t happen until after Antioch.” Garm stated matter of factly.

“Well how about you tell me what happened, in summary, on the way back to Antioch?” Flurry fist hinted more then asked.

“Hmm, well on the third and final day we got ambushed by some kobolds. Of course I handled it with ease. Afterwards some of us limped into town.” Garm said

Flurry knew what most likely happened was Garm tried to throw a javelin that either sailed way over the kobolds, or he slipped while in midst of throwing and it landed close to one of his companions. He would’ve then noticed that the enemy was closing in fast and took out his half-spear just in time to either take a blow or he was barely able to pull his shield in time.

“So we got into town and the first thing we had to do was find Alton……..”

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2 Responses to What’s in a name Part 3

  1. dmossenkop says:

    This was a really amusing short story. I liked it from the beginning to the end.

  2. Eve Shay says:

    I love it. A story within a story!
    Oh, and I forgot to comment earlier: Kai is a gnome? How hilarious! His brother is probably just blown away by that.

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