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What is in a name Part 2

“Hey, Leroy. Do we have any more of those healing potions? I don’t know how much more I can take here” Garm said looking over his shoulder to a five foot six man in muddy full plate armor without a … Continue reading

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Some may be asking

So some people may be asking why I am posting chapter 3 when I said I would only post chapter 4 and stop there because of what happens to a main character in chapter four. Well I figured some things … Continue reading

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3               When Gurmble woke up he was being jostled by Joanan. Everyone was standing over him. Kai had a bandage on his head, Joanan had bandages on his arm, torso, and head, Elderist had bandages on both … Continue reading

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Part one of my short story

What’s in a Name By Joshua Bradford                   He knelt over the small pond and reached in to take a quick drink of that crisp, cool, fresh water. He sat there for a while afterwards just staring at the … Continue reading

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