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Ye Demons of Olde

Ye demons of olde Attacking from depths unknown To fight once again with sword or spear I banish thee from here Another reprieve I see coming But to understand nothing Said the fear of the uprising To once again banish … Continue reading

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Dual Chicken Recipe Healthy and Delicious.

Italian baked chicken strips 1 Package of skinless/boneless Chicken strips 1 TBS onion powder 1 TBS garlic powder 1 TBS Meat Tenderizer 1 TSP Cumin 1 ½ TBS Italian Season 2 TBS Olive oil Put the chicken in a bowl … Continue reading

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My attempt at art.

So I normally do not sketch or draw at all but today I decided I would try again. Taking a picture someone put on line I decided to draw it. Took me awhile. Let me know what you think.

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What’s in a name Part 3

Garm Ducked a wayward swing from a mace-wielding goblin while simultaneously blocking another swing with his shield. Spinning to his right Garm dodged a third strike coming down toward his bent head. He turned back around and snarled at the … Continue reading

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Poll for you.

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Questions answered

Chapter 5             That night Kai had the most vivid dream ever. He dreamt he was walking the plains of Minius on watch, when he saw a lone figure a few hundred yards away. The figure had a brown … Continue reading

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So i have no clue why, for my followers chapter 4 is not showing up on the reader. So if you would like to read Chapter 4 of Adventure with a dwarf you can go to my home page and … Continue reading

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