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Joanan watched the dwarfs go charging in and all he could do was drop down to his knees. He was bone tired and finally feeling the pain from all the cuts he sustained. Kai dropped down next as Elderist picked up the bow taking one last shot before dropping from exhaustion himself.

Flynn killed one of the goblins in front of her and prepared to block the swing of the last one but saw, from the corner of her eye, a black and white blur hit the goblin and they both went down. When she looked over she noticed that Spike was the blur and he had killed the goblin with a quick snap of his jaws. She quickly looked up as she felt the vibrations coming closer but as she looked up instead of seeing goblins in the hundreds coming toward her she instead saw armored dwarfs run by in a line smashing into the goblins that were slowly streaming into the city. She took a deep breath and slowly lowered her sword and sat down with goblins bodies littered all around her. She was so tired she didn’t care. She then remembered Gurmble and looked over to see if he was still alive. What she saw was amazing. Not only had the crowds of goblins subsided but Gurmble was making quick work of the remaining goblins around him. Gurmble was killing goblins two at a time with one swing.

Gurmble was surrounded so long by goblins that when he finally killed the last two he quickly turned around fully expecting to see more of the greenish filth around him but all that greeted him was dead bodies that had piled up. At that time he caught something metal catching the sun close to him. He turned ready for the next swinging sword that must have caught the sun. Instead of a sword to be blocked he saw the most welcoming sight for his eyes in a long time. The dwarven royal guard charging into the goblins. He smiled as he saw them fight back the goblins with ease. The royal guard were lined up shoulder to shoulder preventing any escape. With shields locked they were killing the goblins while protecting their neighbor.

The dwarfs marched toward the wall, pushing the goblins back in the process. Just as the dwarfs got close to the wall one of them went down from a well delivered strike from a goblin. The goblin then jumped over the downed dwarf and ran toward the city right in the direction of Gurmble.

Thinking this to be an easy query Gurmble took a mighty swing when it got close enough, not expecting the goblin to jump to the side. That’s when the goblin swung at him as strongly as possible thinking that he caught the dwarf off guard. But instead of the sword hitting the soft giving flesh it hit squarely on his shield causing vibrations to roll down his weapon and into his arm making it drop the weapon. That is when Gurmble spun around with a mighty swing of his own. The goblin ducked under his swing and came up with an uppercut that hit Gurmble square in the jaw making him step back.

Gurmble quickly recovered and swung again angrily. The goblin ducked again and caught the dwarf with a left hook. This just angered Gurmble more. He swung again but only caught another right in the face for his efforts. Gurmble was starting to see some stars, feel weak, and dizzy. Gurmble, with what little wits he still had about him, swung again. As he swung his legs gave out and he started to fall. As he fell the hammer continued on with the momentum. The goblin was in the process of ducking the swing when Gurmble started to fall and the hammer came down right on its temple its eyes rolled into the back of its head both dwarf and goblin hit the ground with a thud. As soon as Gurmble hit the ground his eyes rolled back and blackness embraced him.

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