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Kai stepped up beside Joanan and started to fight hand to hand. Joanan looked over at him with a knowing glance. Kai had finally reached the end of his ability to cast.  That would be the only reason he would step up to help. This worried Joanan because his god could no longer help them out. His body had come to its limits of channeling his gods might and generosity. He protected his friend as best he could but he knew that their luck had come to end.

Facing death he promised himself that Kai will make it through. If anyone can become powerful he felt it would be Kai. His friend just had to survive so that he could change the world for the better. Just like how they used to play when they were children.

Elderist stole a glance as well. He seemed to get the message but he smiled. “It does seem to be a good day to die. It has been my pleasure to fight by your sides.”

Joanan gave a mighty bellow and swung at one of the goblins that came in. His swing seemed true but the goblin at the last minute ducked taking the brunt of the hit on its right shoulder knocking it to the ground. As it hit the ground an end of a quarterstaff came in hitting hard enough to cause a dent in the head of the goblin. It no longer tried to get up. The rest of the goblins came in swinging. Elderist took one down with a swing of his own and Joanan blocked a sword that was heading straight for Kai’s stomach. This left an opening that the other goblin took advantage of. Taking a cut on his left arm Joanan almost dropped the shield. His arm was considerable weaker now. But he battled on.

Flynn had killed another two goblins only taking superficial cuts in the process. There was only one left in front of her. She heard a gruff shout coming from where Gurmble was. All of a sudden something bounced off the goblins head in front of her falling to her right. This distracted the goblin enough for her to be able to stab it through. She stole a glance to see what hit the goblin and noticed a severed head. She shivered and looked toward where Gurmble was fighting. There were still goblins surrounding were she believed him to be. She looked more carefully and noticed a small figure in the melee swinging a war hammer and bellowing out. He was covered in blood and it was too hard to tell if it was his or the goblins.

A couple goblins noticed her and started to charge. Just as they reached her they all felt a vibration like hundreds of feet clapping the ground in unison. She prepared herself for the onslaught. The goblins must have had reinforcements she thought. She figured if she was going to go out she was going to go out swinging. With that she gave a sharp yell and swung at the closest goblin, connecting with its neck. Blood spurted out as she pulled her sword back.

Elderist, Joanan, and Kai were in middle of fighting the last two goblins in front of them when they felt a vibration coming from the ground. Shortly after dispatching the goblins with team work they heard a gruff voice bellow out orders.

“OUR MISSION IS TO DRIVE THESE PIG LOVERS OUT OF OUR CITY!! NOW CHARGE!!! FOR THE PROUD, FOR THE BRAVE, FOR THE KING!!!” This voice seemed to come from beside them. They turned and saw a large group of dwarfs dressed in full plate armor, large steel shields all with the same simple on it, and over their armor they wore a stone grey cloth with a picture of a mountain in a lighter grey on it. The one who was yelling had stone gray plumage on top of his helmet. He had a sword in his hand and he was pointing it toward the goblins. With his last word a large cheer came from the dwarfs and they charged in. With a thunderous clash of metal on metal the dwarfs laid into the goblins driving them back.

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