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“Hey if you two have finished your tea I would surely appreciate some help here” yelled Elderist trying to fight off the last two goblins in front of him. Just as he finished yelling the goblin on his right swiped his sword under Elderist’s guard cutting the half-elf’s outer thigh. Elderist went down on one leg giving an opening for the other goblin. He was able to recover quickly though pulling back the heft of his scythe to block the strike leaving a visible notch in the process. He stood up as he swung out with his scythe at the goblin on his right, just as the goblin was coming in with a swing of his own. Elderist proved to be the faster of the two cleaving into the goblins abdomen, reaping it like a stack of hay. Pulling back the scythe splattered Joanan with blood as he was stepping in beside Elderist.

            As Joanan stepped up several more goblins ran in on them. Joanan let out a prayer for help to his god. As he did so a blue aura illuminated his body. “Please my lord give me power to ignore my wounds so that I may bring to these godless beings a taste of your power.” As he felt the warm feeling in the pit of his stomach he reached out with his right hand and touched his side that was hurting. An ice cold feeling quickly enveloped his back and side followed by a searing heat. His back began to feel a lot better. Though it did not feel as if he was one hundred percent but the pain now felt more like a nuisance instead of a hindrance.

            Kai saw Joanan heal himself and knew they would be in trouble with the oncoming goblins. Just as the goblins got in close Kai yelled out “Close your eyes!” He did not wait to see if they obeyed the command and quickly pulled out a piece of paper from one of his pouches as he chanted. With a flourish of his wrists and a crescendo of his voice he threw the paper up in the air with both arms out stretched. The paper burst into the flames and shortly afterwards a bunch of colored lights erupted just in front of goblins. Some goblins were able to close their eyes in time but several of them yelled out in pain clutching at their face. With the goblins shrieks was another more familiar one. Elderist seemed to not have heard or did not want to close his eyes.

            “MY EYES!” Elderist wiped his eyes with his sleeve. “Ack what the heck. Now I got these spots in my vision.” Elderist saw a movement on his left and struck out at this. He felt the familiar give on flesh and the shriek of a goblin. At least I can still fight, Elderist thought, and continued to block sword strikes that came in and out of the white spots before his eyes.

            Meanwhile Flynn and Spike were quickly over run by goblins once more. Each had four goblins surrounding them. Flynn struck out at one of them, killing it with an expert strike to the neck. She parried two swords that streaked toward her with some dexterous flurries of her sword. The third goblin was able to get under her parry and open a gash on her side. Her armor was able to take most of the blow but there was still blood trickling from the wound. Spike fared much better killing two goblins at a time with ease and dodging their strikes.

            No one knew how Gurmble was doing. But with grunts and screeches coming from where they knew him to be they figured he was doing just fine. When anyone had a moment they would glance over in his direction and only see goblins massing around one spot. Occasionally they would see a goblin or two stagger out of the mass and fall dead.

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