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Kai saw Flynn leave toward Spike. Digging deep down Kai found another spell, chanting as he stood up he pulled in the magic all around him using his words to form that magic into the spell. He pointed toward a goblin that was running to stop Flynn’s progress. Seeing a green aura start to glow around Flynn, he knew he only had one shot at it, ending the chant a small blue pin of light burst forth from his pointed finger. It streaked forward hitting the goblin in its right shoulder bowling it over. The air that the light past fogged as if it got extremely cold and fast.

The goblin stood back up and looked in Kai’s direction. It screeched and charged toward him, leaving Flynn, who had past it already, to pursue the new enemy. Kai tightened his grip on the make shift quarterstaff and got ready.

Flynn ran on, praying to her goddess. She felt the response from with inside her, it was a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. She saw a goblin running to intercept her then a blue streak hit it in the shoulder. Figuring it was taken care of she continued on to save her friend. When she entered the melee with Spike she had to fend off a couple of swords that went to impede her with some quick parries with her scimitar. She reached down with her free hand toward Spike and a blue glow came forth. The blood that was coming from Spike’s wounds stopped and the gashes began to heal. Some wounds were just too much to be healed with the amount of time she had so she decided to make her stand with Spike to protect him as much as she could.

Spike’s eyes went from the blood shot red back to normal as he was healed by Flynn. With more control now Spike struck out at the remaining two goblins dispatching them with ease.

The goblin that was running toward Kai was close enough for Kai to strike out when a war hammer came swinging into view hitting the goblin on the shoulder. Accompanied with the swing came a cry of pain from Joanan.

Joanan saw the goblin run in close behind him and figured it was going after Kai. He turned around quickly and took a swing at it. As he turned the goblin that was in front saw its opening and struck out as well. The goblins swing hit Joanan’s chain mail armor covering his left back. The armor deflected the blade enough so that the cut was not life threatening, but still deep. This slightly altered his swing causing a for sure death blow to hit the goblin running in on its right shoulder. It effectively broke its collar bone but the goblin just started to get up trying to shrug it off. Joanan fell to a knee as the pain racked his body.

Elderist saw Joanan get hit and fall to a knee. He then saw the goblin go to strike once again. Elderist intercepted the goblins attack with his own. His swing was true and as the goblin’s blade was coming down toward Joanan’s neck its own head separated from its body, the blade falling just inches from Joanan’s feet.

Kai struck down with his quarterstaff at the goblin that fell in front of him. His swing was true and quickly killed the goblin with a thwack. He then turned to Joanan who was just getting back up on his feet. “Are you alright Joanan?”

“I have seen better days. I am not too worried right now though. My god is still with me” Joanan said with a wincing smile. He turned back to the army of goblins that were still coming toward them. Threatening to take them over soon if no help arrived. “They may win this battle but I am going to make sure they regret they ever attacked this great city.”

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