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Gurmble looked up and saw another group of goblins charging toward him. That is when he heard Elderist yelling. He could just make out the words. It was in goblin. Gurmble, being able to speak goblin as well, heard him say “COME TO YOUR DEATH! COME TO ME! I AM DEATH!” Gurmble smiled at this. As he was grinning the four goblins came within Gurmble’s swing. Gurmble swung at the first goblin that was coming in on his right. The goblin saw the hammer late and took it directly in the face and its feet went up over his head, and came down hard on its back, unable to move. Gurmble followed through with the swing and connected with the next goblin coming in on the right. He connected with the goblin’s chest with a cracking sound, Gurmble felt the hammer give way a little as well. That goblin dropped his sword with a surprised look on its face. It knew something was wrong but didn’t realize it until he was on his back facing the sky with a bloody nose and a sharp pain going up his left side. He took his last breath shortly after.

Gurmble turned to the remaining two goblins and yelled “TRU ARK THIRTEENTH!!!” This made the goblins pause for a brief moment and look at each other with a questioning look giving Gurmble the time to strike with his usual skill, dispatching both of them in one swing of his hammer.

Just as six goblins charged into the Elderist and Flynn, they heard Gurmble’s booming voice ring out over the clashing of metal and screeching goblins. Flynn had to block a strike from the first goblin to reach her. Slipping her scimitar underneath the goblins sword after she blocked it she struck at its left leg, cleaving deep into its inner thigh. The goblin screamed, dropped its weapon, and collapsed on the ground clutching at the wound that was spurting blood. The next goblin came in and swung at her chest, she jerked back just enough to save her life but she still took a small cut on her stomach. Nothing that needed attention but that left room for more since now her leather armor was compromised.

Elderist went to swing at the first goblin coming in on him but the goblin was able to jump over the low cut with ease. The goblin came down with a blow of its own slicing into Elderist’s left arm, causing him to loosen the grip on his scythe. He was able to dodge the next two swings that came at him, as well as recover his grip on his weapon. Now blood was flowing from his wound running down his arm and splashing with every swing of his weapon.

Flynn took a brief moment to look over where Spike was. She was able to see two more goblins join the other four effectively surrounding Spike. That is when she saw two of them scream out and clutch their mid-sections. They backed out of the circle just as she got a glimpse of Spike jumping up and grabbing another goblin by the throat taking it down. The three goblins that remained went to lunge in but then backed a step back quickly as if they were scared. The last goblin went to strike at Flynn, just as it seemed that it was going to hit her with a jab to her ribs, a war hammer hit it in the chest nocking it back a couple of feet. It mainly was winded and was able to get up to charge in again, this time being more cautious as Joanan stepped between Elderist and Flynn.

Flynn turned back to the remaining goblins in front of her and struck out cleaving the arm off of a striking goblin. Noticing that Joanan had stepped in on her left she danced back a step so that she could maneuver a little more, she didn’t want to hit him, or be hit by a wayward strike by him. As she did she heard Gurmble grunt in pain and a loud whimper coming from where Spike was fighting. As she looked over there was two goblins standing over near Spike, a multiple of cuts had appeared on him, and blood was starting to drip from his fur. She bolted back to Spike as she went the goblin that was near her tried to take advantage of the distraction and swung at her legs. Flynn was able to bring her scimitar down enough to deflect the blow before she headed away.

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