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Flynn saw Joanan bolt toward Elderist and decided to go with him. There was nothing more she could do right now for Spike but she figured that she could at least help the others. Anyways the goblins had their hands full with Spike.

Joanan was taken over by a couple of the charging goblins. He swung half heartily with his war hammer at the one that came up on his right. It served to make the goblin dodge his attack which made it come to a halt briefly. Joanan kept running, the goblin on his left took a swing at Joanan’s head but he was able to get his shield up to block the blow. As soon as the sword hit the shield Joanan pushed back toward the goblin. The goblin wasn’t expecting the push and fell backwards bowling into two goblins that were charging behind it. All three of the goblins went down in a bundle of arms and legs.

Flynn saw Joanan swing at the first goblin and noticed it slow down to dodge the blow. She came up behind the goblin, fast, swinging her scimitar as she blew past. She felt the blade slow for a brief moment then continue on. She looked back just in time to see a headless goblin falling backwards twitching. She just continued on running after Joanan.

Joanan ran behind Elderist and came to a stop by sliding on his knees. He dropped his hammer, closed his eyes, and placed his hand on Kai’s head. As he did so a pure white aura surround his body then merged with him. A blue glow appeared just below his outstretched hand, and what little blood that was still trickling down Kai’s head stopped.

Kai groaned and grasped his head. He felt a piece of rag on it. He opened his eyes and he noticed the cold hard ground beneath him. Sitting up quickly he looked around and noticed Elderist and Flynn standing in front of him protectively. He also noticed the bodies of goblins surrounding him and a familiar voice from behind.

“Are you okay Kai?” Joanan asked.

Kai turned his head and smiled. “Just a slight headache is all. Must have slipped and hit my head on a rock. That’s it. Why did you come over? I have this handled.” He said reassuringly.

“Well, my friend, Flynn and I were getting bored over by ourselves so we decided to join you two.” Joanan smiled back at Kai, picked up his war hammer and stood up. Just then there was a booming voice from in front of them.

During that time Gurmble had his hands full. The two goblins that were remaining in front of him attacked him at the exact same time. He was able to dodge one but got hit in the upper right arm with the others sword. His training taught him to move with the swing so that if he did get hit it there would be a better chance it would be a flesh wound. It turned out to just be that. A trickle of blood came down his arm but he was still able to use it just fine. He swung at the first of the goblins on his right smashing his ribs with a loud crack, the goblin flew through the air about five feet landing with another loud crack, and blood came spurting out of its open mouth. When the hammer hit it bounced back, going with the momentum of the war hammer Gurmble spun around with a quick overhand chop hitting the last goblin in front of him in the skull at it lunged forward at the perceived opening. The goblin’s head went straight down and its body followed. The last thing the goblin saw was the ground quickly approaching and then darkness.

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