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Flynn pulled Joanan away when she heard that growl and whispered to him “We should take our leave from this fight. Spike might not recognize us as friends anymore and I don’t want to calm him down in the middle of this. Don’t worry I will keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get too hurt.”

As soon as that wild growl left Spike’s maw both Kia and Elderist had a problem of their own, a group of four goblins that were charging them finally arrived. Elderist, being prepared with his scythe, swung the blade from the ground up at the first goblin. It struck home cleaving the goblin in two from the grown to its right shoulder. The goblin tried to keep going but his body fell apart. The goblin didn’t know what hit it. A second goblin that was running in parallel to that one made it without incident and swung at Elderist’s mid-section. Elderist took a small step to his right and leaned his left shoulder back twisting his body out of the way of the swing.

The other two goblins charged into combat with Kai.  Kai swung his make shift quarterstaff with a quick overhead chop. The goblin that was screeching in bloodlust on its way in didn’t see the blow coming. It struck it squarely on the head making a sickening shunking sound. The goblin collapsed right on the spot in mid-screech. Heading face first into the dirt. The other goblin slid in on Kai’s right side swinging his sword wildly at Kai’s head. In the corner of his eye Kai saw the blade coming and went to duck as his hands were still outstretched with the staff. As he ducked the blade changed direction slightly. Kai was hit on the right side of his head with a glancing blow that took a chunk of his skin clean off. Kai felt a white hot pain on his right side of his head then felt the sensation of falling. As Kai fell his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed near Elderist. Blood started to immediately flow from Kai’s wound covering the right side of his face.

Elderist knew he had to work quickly to be able to have any chance of saving Kai. He took a swing at the goblin on his left side. The goblin proved to be too slow. Elderist hit it squarely on the neck severing its head from its body. The goblin’s body stayed upright for what seemed like a minute but was actually just a brief moment before it collapsed with blood spurting out its neck freely coating the dirt around it. The other goblin knelt down toward Kai to make sure he was dead, but before it had a chance to check he was met with the blade of a scythe to the midriff. The blow took it right in its left kidney cleaving into its spin, severing it cleanly. The goblin collapsed in a heap right above Kai’s prone body. Elderist knelt down to check on Kai’s vitals. He was able to discern a pulse. Looking around for a bandage to stop the bleeding he noticed the robe on Kai. He ripped off some cloth and bandaged his wound with it making sure to tighten it up so that the bleeding would stop. Standing up Elderist stepped out in front of Kai’s body and yelled “FLECH TE DOE ECKTAR! FLECH TE IL! IL DE ECKTAR!” Elderist stood there with his scythe at the ready.

Joanan heard Elderist yelling and stole a glance in that direction. He noticed Elderist standing slightly in front of a couple of prone bodies. The wind blew slightly and he noticed a red cloth catch the wind and flap briefly. That red cloth was coming from one of the prone bodies on the ground. Then he realized that he didn’t see his friend Kai where he was before he went into the fray. It clicked that the red cloth was Kai’s robe and that robe was on a prone body. Joanan started to run toward his friend Kai. He ran slightly ahead of a group of goblins on the charge.

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