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Flynn, watching Spike as he fought close by, noticed Joanan going down. She dropped her sling and pulled free her scimitar and began to run in. As she ran she talked to her goddess. “Grant me the power to help this fallen man. Please my goddess give me the power to heal his wounds so that he may help us out during this trying time.”

Spike pounced on the last goblin near Joanan grabbing it by the neck as they went down in a heap. Spike clamped down with the full strength of his jaws then pulled back with all his might. The flesh gave way under Spike’s jaws, with a large sprout of blood, and a tearing sound, a chunk of the goblins neck separated from its body. The goblin tried to scream out but no sound could escape except a gurgling whimper from the wound.

Flynn came to a sliding stop expecting to have to fight off a goblin just for the chance to help Joanan. Spike having just pulled back, all Flynn really needed to worry about was the blood that was starting to sprout everywhere. Flynn dropped down to her knees next to Joanan, closed her eyes, and laid her hands on the side of Joanan’s head. Jonan’s head had a large lump and there was blood trickling from his nose. A forest green aura started to gather around Flynn as she knelt there in concentration. The aura got brighter then it seemed to meld into Flynn’s body rapidly. When the last of the aura joined Flynn her hands began to glow white. Joanan’s nose stopped bleeding and the lump on his head seemed to flatten out in an accelerated rate.

The light faded and Joanan’s eyes fluttered open, he took a gasping breath, and immediately tried to sit up. Flynn’s eyes opened with his and said “Are you alright my friend?” keeping a steadying hand on him so he couldn’t hurt himself.

Joanan looked around him and noticed that he was on the ground. He had a vague recollection of being hit on the side of the head. He remembered what happened and he searched for his weapon and went back on the alert. He noticed that all the goblins around them were not moving and took in another deep breath and said “I’ll be fine. Thank you Flynn.” He got up retrieved his shield and strapped it back on. He had but a moments respite to do so because more goblins were running in on their position once again. With the little time he had Joanan got up on his tippy toes to see how Gurmble was doing. He could only see goblins and blood flying about twenty feet ahead of him. He took that as a good sign. Joanan then looked down at Spike and said “Thank you Spike. You have helped me once and I am sure I will need your help again.”

Spike just growled lowly and waited for the next rush of goblins to come in. Spike did not have to wait long though because as soon as he was done with the growl four more goblins charged in. As the first goblin charged in Spike leapt up to take it down. The goblin just set its left foot and spun away to the right from the wolverine. When Spike landed his was in the middle of all four of the goblins. They all swung at the wolverine. Spike hopped to his left and was able to dodge a quick stab coming down on his right side. The wolverine then jumped back to his right dodging low swing coming in on the left. Another goblin noticed how Spike was avoiding the attacks and anticipated how the wolverine was going dodge his swing. It was able slice Spikes front right leg enough to make is start to bleed. The last goblin stabbed down at the exact same time as Spike was trying to dodge the last attack. The blow was heading for Spike’s chest but when the wolverine started to dodge, the blow missed causing a gash to appear on Spike’s back. Spike gave out a small cry. That’s when Spike’s eyes went from its normal sky blue irises with pearl white eyeballs to a complete black iris and blood shot eyeballs. He gave out a wild uncontrolled sounding growl. Like what one always imagined a rabid wolf would sound like.

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