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Again an arrow was sent flying by Elderist hitting a goblin that was running in on him, squarely in the chest. The goblin was taken off his feet from the force of the blow and bowled into the goblins behind it. Elderist, judging the distance and the speed the goblins were coming toward him, noticed that he could not use the bow anymore and dropped it, picking up his scythe that was stuck in the ground next to him.

Kai finished off a cantation and stretched his right finger out before him. There was a blue glow that traveled down his right arm and emerged from his finger tip. The glow turned into a blue ball of flame that streaked toward the nearest goblins. Just feet behind Joanan the flame split and hit two goblins charging toward Kai directly in the chest. They both were only able to look down in shock then collapsed face first causing the goblins behind them to either go around or just trample over their fallen brethren. Kai looked around real quick and picked up a quarterstaff that laid nearby. Kai stepped a few steps closer to Elderist and readied himself for the charge.

Gurmble swung his war hammer at the goblin in front of him. His attack was so quick and precise that the goblin had no time to react. He caught the goblin in the head as it was stepping toward Gurmble’s left. Gurmble swung with such force that the goblin barely slowed the war hammer down, the goblins feet came up over his head as he landed on the ground unable to move and with a large bloody dent in his head. Gurmble continued his swing directly into the last goblin that was in front of him. He caught that one squarely in the neck. With a loud crack it dropped at Gurmble’s feet. Gurmble looked up just in time to see another four goblins charging in on him. He took a five foot step back freeing some space up to move, and readied himself.

The goblins charged in jumping over their fallen comrades to be greeted by a swinging war hammer. Gurmble was able to strike the first goblin that was coming in on his left with a back swing that connect on its head with a sickening thunk and squish. It was hit with such force that it did a flip in the air before landing on the ground unmoving and with half its head caved in. The goblin that was jumping in directly afterwards, not being able to contort well enough to dodge the attack in mid-air, as he landed he was met with the continued swing of the war hammer in the middle of his chest.

The goblin heard a loud crack inside and felt a pain start to radiate down its left arm. Focused on the battle before him the goblin tried to take a step toward Gurmble but fell face first as its body stopped taking orders. As soon as it realized that it was on the ground, the world turned black.

Gurmble pulled his hammer back and got his shield in front for the inevitable attacks that would come from the remaining two goblins that were charging him.

Meanwhile Joanan took a swing at the goblin he previously hit in the shoulder that was on his right side. Being slowed down from the pain Joanan was able to hit the goblin with a solid thunk the ribs. Joanan felt something give as he hit the goblin. The goblin dropped its weapon and grabbed at its side coughing up blood. The goblin retreated a couple of steps before dropping to the ground, coughing, whizzing, and gasping. The goblin on his left, seeing an opening, quickly took advantage of Joanan’s wide swing. The goblin swung his sword towards Joanan’s neck. Joanan ducked down quickly but not quick enough. The goblin seeing him start to duck turned to sword blade down in hopes of a killing blow. Joanan was instead hit with the flat of the blade on his temple. Joanan felt a sharp pain and saw a bright white light the enveloped his vision. He the felt the sensation of falling. That is when the white light turned to a complete blackness and he felt like he was still falling.

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