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A small group of five goblins came running toward the loan dwarf. Just before they got to Gurmble an arrow went streaking by the left side of this head. Chasing the arrow was a small blue ball of flame. The arrow struck a goblin in the right eye and came out the back of its head with little bits of skull and brain bursting out. The arrow kept traveling hitting a goblin directly behind that one through its left eye then exploding through its skull. The arrow still whizzing through the air leaving blood, skull, and brain in its wake finally came to a stop when it hit a third goblin between the eyes embedding itself half way up the arrows shaft. The ball of flame arced to the left around the unfortunate goblin who got hit with the arrow first, split, then hit two goblins running toward Gurmble directly in the chest leaving a smoking hole. That took care of the closest goblins to Gurmble.

Gurmble had to blink because he just saw five goblins dropped quicker than a greased up chicken. In the distance he heard Elderist yell “Even back here I will kill more goblins then you Gurmble!! And right now I have three!”

Gurmble yelled back just before he was onslaught again. “You wish half breed!”

Four more goblins took the place of the previous ones and ran up to Gurmble. This group managed to make it to him. Gurmble, still being ready from waiting, swung mightily with his hammer cracking one of them in the skull. The goblin being hit on the run fell head first backwards, Gurmble continued his swing hitting the one that was coming in behind the other one in the head as well. With a sickening thunking sound reverberating off their skulls both goblins collapsed never to get up again. Gurmble pulled back his hammer readying it for another attack. Blood and bits of skull sloshed off his hammer onto the dirt around him as he did so.

The other two goblins took advantage of the time Gurmble was swinging and attacked themselves, swinging their crude swords at openings they saw in Gurmbles defense. Using his shield Gurmble was able to fend them off as they came in on his left. The goblins attacks were just far enough apart in time he was able to block the sword swing that was coming in high toward his head then push his shield down quickly enough to block the sword swing that would have opened his stomach up. It was so close that the bottom of the shield actually hit the middle of the sword as it was coming in deflecting it down just enough to miss.

Gurmble being so far up front did not see the horde of goblins that ran passed him toward his companions. He also did not see Joanan trying to catch up to him but was stopped short when four goblins met up with him. Joanan swung mightily with his hammer as they came in but was only able to clip one of the goblins in the shoulder. He dodged the first, second, and third swings but was hit a glancing blow on his right side, the armor he had on deflected most of the impact but the sword was still able to cut him through it. Spike being close by the scuffle jumped in clawing the goblin on Joanan’s right side in its stomach. The goblin dropped its sword and grabbed at his intestines trying in vain to keep them from falling out. As that goblin stood there screaming Spike jumped up and grabbed the other goblin next to Joanan by the neck with his powerful jaws. The goblin fell backwards with the badger on top of it. With a quick motion of his jaw Spike crushed the goblins wind pipe. Spike then backed up trying to stay close to Flynn. As he did a torrent of blood came gushing from the goblins’ neck. The goblin held both of his hands to his neck as he gasped for air. Blood continued to squirt this his clasped fingers. Within a short time the goblin no longer tried to gasp and his hands went limp from his neck.

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3 Responses to Page 26

  1. Eve Shay says:

    I have no problem with your descriptions. To me it only makes the story far more interesting and vivid. I can actually see the heroes fighting! Good job!

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