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“We told you we were with you Gurmble and we meant it my friend.” Said Joanan looking over at Gurmble

“Well, then here is the situation. There are at least a hundred goblins coming in through that hole. By our location the royal guard should be here in about two minutes. The guards at this part of the wall have just about been decimated. We need to hold those goblins off as long as we can. You may be giving your life here. So if you wish to turn around and stay safe, now is the time to do it.” Gurmble said staring at the action ahead. “Decide quickly.”

Everyone looked at each other then gave a nod to Gurmble. “Good, it is decided.” Gurmble said pulling out his war hammer and cinching his shield tighter to his arm. “Here is what I was thinking. Fighters are going to need to go ahead. I will be the front line sort of speak. There is a lot of room for maneuvering over there.” Gurmble pointed his war hammer ahead of him. There was a clearing surrounded by rubble. That clearing was the only way still left open to the city without climbing over any rubble. “That will also give us a way to protect the only access to the city. We need to keep them from getting up this road. Casters should stay back to support. That is you Kai and Flynn.” Gurmble looked at Kai on his left then to Flynn on his right as he said this. “Joanan I need you and Elderist to stay back and protect them.”

“I think I would be better up front Gurmble.” Elderist stated. “Joanan can protect them with no problem.”

“Not up for discussion Elderist. I need you to make sure that none of our support is killed. With them we have a small chance to survive. We may still all die but if the support is destroyed than we will have no chance of surviving and our deaths would be for nothing.” Gurmble said. “Now let’s go and try to keep up.” Gurmble went off at a run.

“That won’t be hard Dwarf! The hard part would be not keeping up with your short legs!” Yelled back Elderist in jest. The only thing that occurred was a mean glare from the dwarf as Elderist chuckled at his own joke.

Gurmble, not even slowing his pace, raced to entrance to the clearing. Elderist, Joanan, Flynn, Spike, and Kai all came to a stop shortly afterwards. Gurmble waited to make sure they stayed there then charged forward yelling “REMEMBER THE THIRTEENTH?”

Elderist, not wanting to just stay back and do nothing, looked around him and saw a bow with some strewn arrows to the left of him near some rubble. He quickly got over to them and noticed that the bow still had a hand clasped around the middle. He grabbed the bow free with little prying and picked up the arrows and plunked them into the ground in front of him fletching’s up. He notched an arrow and pulled back taking aim.

Flynn looked down on her friend Spike saying “Guard me.” Spike growled a little and advanced to directly in front of her. She then took her sling out and ready a stone that she held in a pouch on her belt.

Kia started chanting an ancient language that few people would understand. Joanan took the war hammer from around his belt, cinched up his shield more so that it would not move, and proudly proclaimed “I will not falter this time my god!”

There they were, standing in front of an army of goblins bent on blood. Gurmble running forward to meet them head on. Everyone else behind him about twenty feet or so reading for their own battle. Gurmble pulled back his war hammer stopping short so that the goblins had to come to him.

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