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The sun was just cresting the horizon and was lighting up the city slowly. The sunrise today was a beautiful pink hue bouncing off the few clouds that were in the sky. It was looking like a day to be remembered for its beauty.

Gurmble turned to everyone. “That is the main gate over there.” He said pointing to the right. Everyone looked to their left and nodded. “I am sure you remembered that. Considering it is the only way in and out of the city unless by water. Kai, the Mage Guild of the Devout is two blocks that way.” He said pointing to his left.

Kai looked over to his right. “Take the first road on the left for about three blocks turn left again, go for about two blocks then take a right, go for four blocks and it is on your left. It is a large stone building. You can’t miss it. There are always people in robes going in and out of it. Everyone else follow me.” Gurmble turned back around. No sooner did he turn, an earthquake seemed to erupt from ahead of them accompanied by a large billowing smoke cloud in the distance.

“That looks like it is coming from the East Wall.” Gurmble said. Shortly afterwards bells started to ring out from the east. “That is the warning sign that we are under attack! I need to go!” Gurmble started off running. He didn’t even look back to see if any of the group followed him.

Gurmble took the road directly in front and kept going until he came to a T. He went right. The bells were still ringing. Gurmble ran past large buildings on both sides for a little while. All of a sudden those buildings started to get smaller and the road took a sharp left. He took the curve as quickly as he could. Almost falling over in the process. The houses started to get even smaller as he ran. Then the road turned into what looked like a dirt path running in all directions between small huts. In the distance Gurmble could hear sounds of metal against metal accompanied by shouts of dwarfs. Gurmble could also hear a loud high pitched screech like an owl just caught its prey and was excited to get started on dining.

As Gurmble got closer he noticed that the wall had a large area that was just gone.  As he ran he barely noticed the huts that were around him just disappear with rubble taking their place. He pulled up as he rounded a large piece of stone and looked upon the scene. There was that hole in the wall which looked like it was kicked in by a Giant of some sort. The rubble being strewn about. Where there should be huts was only just dug up earth. Like someone took a humongous horse and plow and ran it through the area.

Coming in from the hole in the wall was a large group of Goblins. Gangly, sickly green skinned beings not much shorter than a Dwarf. They had greasy looking tufts of black hair coming down around their shoulders. Many had their sharp pointed ears poking out between those tufts. Their eyes were large orbs with yellowish eye balls where normally it is white with dark black retinas. They had flattened noses with large nostrils. Just like how children look when they pull up the point of their noses in imitation of a pig. All of the Goblins were screeching and brandishing crude looking swords above their heads. There were a few dwarfs that were fighting the goblins as they came through. All of the dwarfs being armored well were still getting over run by sheer numbers. The goblins were jumping on top of the dwarfs, pushing them on the ground, and stabbing at the weak parts in the armor.

Gurmble looked around him to see what kind or if there was help coming. That is when he finally noticed that every single one of his guests were with him. Brandishing weapons of their own.

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  1. Eve Shay says:

    Love this story. Elderist is definitely my favorite. Along with Gurmble. Fantasy is great. Check out my own story, at

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