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Gurmble looked over everyone quickly and noticed the scale mail on Elderist was a little loose.  To an untrained eye you wouldn’t notice a thing a wrong. But Gurmble knew that if the armor was even a tiny bit loose it could bunch up causing you to trip up or the armor could even move so much that it wouldn’t be protecting you if you were unable to avoid the blow.

“Hey Elderist. Come here for a second.” Gurmble said.

Elderist looked at Gurmble, shrugged, and then walked over. “What do you need?” He asked Gurmble.

“Turn around for a second.” Gurmble said. Elderist obliged him and did so. Gurmble grabbed at the leather cinches on Elderist’s right side and tugged hard.

“Hey what are you doing? Trying to strangle me with my own armor?” Elderist complained as he jumped forward trying to get away. Gurmble was able to hold on though.

“Stay still. You need this tight or it won’t do a very effective job of protecting you. Now stop complaining and STAY STILL.” Gurmble said as he gave another tug then set the strap in place. He tightened up Elderist’s armor pretty quickly. The hardest part was under Elderist’s arms. Even though Gurmble was considered a tall dwarf he just couldn’t reach comfortably enough to tighten those particular straps. He had to ask Elderist to kneel down, which Elderist did.

Gurmble then checked the leggings of the armor and quickly cinched those up tight as well. “Where is your coif?” Gurmble said looking up at Elderist.

“I got it in my pack. Don’t worry I can put that on just fine without your help Gurmble.” Said Elderist.

“All right is everyone ready?” Gurmble asked looking at everyone assembled in the room.

“Yep” was the reply Gurmble received all at once from everyone.

“Well grab everything you need now and let’s get going.” Gurmble said as he walked to the door that led outside. He opened the door and exited, leaving the door open for everyone else. Flynn was the first one out after Gurmble, followed by Spike, then came Joanan, Kai, and lagging behind fumbling, with his coif, was Elderist carrying a large scythe under his right arm.

They followed Gurmble on the most warn down path to the forest edge. Gurmble turned to make sure everyone was there, and happy that everyone was, turned back around and vanished into the woods.

Still not being use to the forest Flynn stepped through and looked around making sure she wouldn’t just disappear. Satisfied that she didn’t she continued on. One by one each of them stopped as they stepped though to make sure they were still whole. The only two that didn’t stop to check were Spike and Kai. Spike not worried about it and Kai because he was comfortable with magic anyways and was sure what would happen as he stepped through the event horizon.

After a short walk they stepped back out onto the street. Fully entrenched back into the city Flynn became increasingly tense. They took a right on the road and went back past the Smithy where they met for the first time. Not far after that they came upon the main city road. Gurmble stopped.

The sun was just cresting the horizon and was lighting up the city slowly. The sunrise today was a beautiful pink hue bouncing off the few clouds that were in the sky. It was looking like a day to be remembered for its beauty.

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