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Kai came downstairs shortly afterwards, groaning, and stretching. “Uggghhh. That was one of the worst night’s sleep I have ever had.” Kai looked at everyone at the table as well as the eggs that were laid out and sat down to eat.

“Good morning Kai” Gurmble said.

“Morning.” Kai said looking up at Gurmble. He immediately turned his attention back to his plate.

“You know Kai you should say good morning. It is polite to do so.” Joanan said.

“Joanan I will say good morning when it is actually a good morning.” Kai said matter-of-factly. “Gurmble do you have any dry bread I can have?”

“I think I have some behind the bar.” Gurmble got up and went behind the bar. He bent down and retrieved a loaf of bread and tore off a hunk. He walked back over and gave it to Kai. Kai took it and stuffed it inside a pocket.

“Thanks” was the only reply Gurmble got from Kai. “So Gurmble when do we leave?”

“As soon as we are done here and everyone has put on their armor and are ready to go.” Replied Gurmble as he ate the last bit of eggs on his plate. He then got up taking the plate to the bar and washed it in a bucket of water that was placed behind it. He then set it in a rack to let it dry. Everyone brought up their plate as they got done eating and Gurmble washed them all one by one setting them all in the drying rack. Kai was the last to finish. He was bringing up his plate just when everyone else was up stairs getting ready. Afterwards Kai grabbed a book on the shelf and sat down waiting for everyone.

“Aren’t you going to get ready Kai? Isn’t there something you have to have?” Asked Gurmble

“Nope. I am not going outside the city and anyways I have my spells to protect me. I no longer need the armor either. If I should get into trouble in the city I am sure the guards will be more than willing to help me out.” Kai replied not even looking up from the book.

Joanan shortly came down stairs with his moth ridden leather armor on. Gurmble took a look at him again and just shook his head. “Don’t you have anything better than that? I know you guys stopped to buy things. Didn’t you get some new armor?” Gurmble asked.

“Not enough gold. We looked but couldn’t find anything in our price range. You do remember we were robbed. We were only able to get half our belongings back. Mostly that was the weapons and armor we had.” Joanan replied.

“Well I think I have a chainmail shirt that I was going to sell that might fit you. I’ll be right back.” Gurmble said and he headed to the door to go into the back room.

“THANK YOU!” yell Joanan as Gurmble began to close the door.

Behind the door was another room. It served almost as a study. There was small desk up against the far right corner of the room. It was made from cherry wood. There was a small oil lamp hanging from a hook on the wall above the desk that served as a good light source at night. In the middle of the far right hand wall were a couple of slits that one could shoot out of safely which also served to let the sunlight in. Enough to light up most of the room. Currently it was still dark so a couple of oil lamps were lit around the room to light it up.

Lining the wall in the back next to the desk were rows of book shelves that were completely filled. Gurmble looked through these books only once in great while, whenever he wanted more information about his old homeland. His father told him he was able to save a few remnants from the library of the dwarfs. There was only a hand full of books but they were enough to give Gurmble an idea of how life was under the mountains. He looked at the desk and just reminisced about his father always being there studying something. This was his father’s favorite room. Whenever Gurmble was looking for his father he always started in this room, and he was almost always there with his back to the door and the lantern burning above him just reading away. It brought a tear to his eye.

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