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Gurmble could only smile and gave a light chuckle as he closed the door behind Kai. When he turned around Joanan and Elderist were trying to stifle laughter so as not to incur the wrath of Kai. They too closed their doors, as Gurmble walked past he could hear the faint sound of laughter from their doors. The only one who did not seem interested in checking up on all the commotion was Flynn, who was comfortably settling down for the night with Spike on the floor near her.

Chapter 2

The rest of the night proved to be uneventful. Gurmble slept deeply and snored loud enough to wake the dead. Good thing the other rooms were made with thick enough wood that it did not disturb anyone.

That morning Gurmble made sure to wake up early. He set out and gathered some eggs from behind the barn. He found a small hiding spot that the chickens loved to lay eggs in. He grabbed a bunch and head back in to cook them up for breakfast. Just about the time he was done and had the table set is when Elderist showed up yawning and with his hair trying to reach for the stars. Each one trying to get there in a different direction then the others. He clearly slept with his leather armor still on because it was all in a jumble.

“Come sit down. Eat and enjoy. Hey I thought you bought some new armor and was going to wear it?” Gurmble asked Elderist.

“Yea, yea. It is too early to think.” Elderist said while he plunked down in the closest chair. “What is for breakfast and why do we have to get up so darn early? All the racket you were making down here really woke me up. Can’t you do things quieter?” Elderist yawned and stretched. He still didn’t notice the plate of eggs in front of him. When he let his arms fall down on the table he hit the edge of the plate and got a face full of eggs when they flew up to greet him.

Just as the eggs hit Elderist in the face Joanan’s foot hit the bottom of the stairs. Both Gurmble and Joanan broke out in the loudest belly laugh. Elderist wiped scrambled eggs off his face and glowered at the two. “That is not funny!”

“How is it not funny? You did it to yourself by not looking.” Gurmble said in between laughing fits.

Elderist just glowered at Gurmble and began to eat the eggs, the ones hadn’t gotten all over him, in silence.
When Joanan finally was able to stop laughing he sat down. “Good morning Gurmble. Thank you for preparing a meal. Good morning Elderist” he said with a large smile directed at Elderist. Elderist just looked at him and made a grumping sound.

Shortly after Elderist harrumphed Flynn came down the stairs. She was smiling brightly with Spike following close behind. “So what is for breakfast? Ahhhh eggs. One of my favorites.” She said looking at the table. “Good morning everyone.” She sat down and took the plate next to her and placed it down for Spike. As she did this everyone except Elderist said good morning back. Elderist just audibly harrumphed again.

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