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“Hey if you guys are going then I will go. If you run into trouble you will need me. Maybe then I can also talk you into adventuring Gurmble.” Elderist said smiling brightly.

“I am not sure about that one Elderist. But I will be happy to have you all along. It does get boring sometimes out there. It will be a great change to have company.” Gurmble replied. “Well it is getting late I think we should all head to our rooms. I bid you all a good night.” Gurmble got up from this chair and smiled again at everyone. “Plus I usually start at the crack of dawn.”

At this Elderist groaned. Joanan smiled and said “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Kai smiled and got up from his chair and put the book back on the shelf, being careful to make sure it was in the exact spot he took it from, and headed up stairs where Joanan told him his room would be. As he was going up the stairs he started to unstrap his leather armor from under his robe.

Shortly everyone else followed him up. Flynn being the last because she was speaking to Spike. “You won’t believe it Spike but our room is just like the one at home.” She bent down as she said this and petted Spike then headed up stairs after the others.

Gurmble set to work taking off the pot from the fire then knocking the fire down. In a short time he heard a shout coming from upstairs. He bolted up the stairs wondering what happened. In the hallway everyone was staring down toward the end where the yell came from. “What was that?” Gurmble asked Elderist who was the closest at the time.

Elderist just shrugged and said “Came from down the hall. I think from Kai but I am not sure. It sounded more girly to be honest with you.”

Gurmble looked confused and headed down the hall toward Kai’s room. Just before getting there the door burst open and Kai looked around and caught a glimpse of Gurmble and started in on him. “Seriously how do you expect me to stay in this room?!” He said staring angrily at Gurmble.

“What do you mean? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with the room. It is clean and has everything someone like you would ever want or need.” Gurmble said.

“Yea you are right but I am not four feet tall! I can’t sleep on that bed. I can barely stand up straight in that room.” Kai exclaimed. Joanan and Elderist started to chuckle from down the hall.

Gurmble stuck his head into the room and look about. “Hmm you may be right. You are free to take any other room if you so choose. Obviously one that is not being used currently if you don’t mind.”

Kai then opened all the other doors and one by one declined. He then threw his hands up in the air exasperated. “Uggg. You have no other rooms that are comfortable to me. I’ll just do with this for tonight. If you can find a mat for me tomorrow I will sleep downstairs near the fire place. At least then I will be able to FIT.”

“I can certainly arrange that for you.” Said Gurmble as he watched Kai stomp back into the room, ducking to make sure he didn’t hit his head. He watched as Kai laid down on the bed. His feet were sticking out of the end of the bed. He then pulled the covers around him. The covers barely covered his torso and his bare feet were sticking out.

Kai looked up and noticed Gurmble still in the door way. “Will you at least close the door?!”

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