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“It is called a phylactery Joanan and if you read into the concept of the story it tells every child how to actually destroy a Litch. They must have been rampant at some point and time before.” Kai interjected.

“Very interesting.” Gurmble said between a mouthful of rabbit and potatoes. “So I was wondering other than coming to see me, and getting some stories of your ancestors, was there anything else to move you along to journey from your homes?”

“Well, for me it was the prospect of adventuring for wealth.” Chimed in Elderist. “I heard my grandfather had a large amount of wealth when he adventured with the thirteenth legion. Made him wealthy enough to buy his own land in the woods and build his house there. That and I wanted to provide for my family at home. My wife just had our first son and as soon as I saw his face I knew I had to be a responsible father and provide for him. The only way I knew how was to become wealthy like my grandfather. Since I studied under the man who studied under my grandfather I felt I was ready. Even though he told me not to go. Saying that I was the most accurate student he had by far but I still need a lot of work on my tracking and wilderness skills. I figured I can learn them later.”

“Wait you have a wife and child?” Asked Gurmble, Joanan, Kai, and Flynn at the same time.

“Yes why?” Elderist said looking at them in confusion.

The rest of them just looked at each other then back at Elderist. Gurmble broke the silence first. “You do know that adventuring is very dangerous right? You can die out there.”

“Oh I know. I was hoping that the party I was in, should I die, would give my share of any wealth to my family. Even if it was just a few hundred gold pieces, that in itself would last my family for years. While we are on the subject I was hoping that you would come with me Gurmble. I haven’t known you for long but I feel I can trust you already.” Elderist said and then took a large gulp from the stew. “Thish shtew ish exchellent by fe vay” As he said this some of the juices from his mouth dribbled down his chin.

“Any other time Elderist and I would.” Said Gurmble. “But currently I am needed here. I have a duty to my city and King. As a matter of fact tomorrow I plan on doing a parameter walk around the city. Just on the outside of the wall. You are all more than welcome to join me if you so choose.”

Kai looked at Gurmble and said “Is the wizards’ guild that built this area close to where you are heading Gurmble?”
“Oh, yes of course. Before I head out I will be more than happy to show you there. It is on the eastern part of the city. Close enough to the gates where I will be heading out.” Gurmble replied.

“I for one could do with some fresh air. OUTSIDE of the city.” Said Flynn. Spike picked his head up and nudged Flynn’s leg with his stew drenched muzzle. “Seems Spike here agrees. So you can count us in.”

“I would love to go with you sir. Maybe you could tell me some stories while we walk.” Joanan said as he plunked down his empty bowl.

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