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Just as Gurmble was getting out the bowls for everyone Flynn came down the stairs. Her eyes were a little puffy and red. “I’m sorry I took so long. I had ……….something to take care of.” Flynn said wiping her eyes.

“What is the matter? We are all here to help you Flynn. No need to hide whatever is bothering you.” Said Joanan putting his hand lightly on her shoulder.

“It is just that that room looks exactly like the one I grew up in with my father. It brought back some wonderful and yet painful memories. It is also hard to fathom that the room could look so much like the inside of a large hollowed out tree.” Flynn responded. Just as she finished there came a scratching noise from the door. Accompanying the scratches was a slight high pitched screech.

“What the heck is that?!” yelled Kai getting up so quickly he knocked the chair down that he was previously sitting in. Everyone except Flynn turned to the door putting hands on weapon hilts readying for anything that might burst through.
“Oh, Spike is back and just in time for something to eat.” Flynn said going to the door and opening it. Spike bounded inside making a circle around Flynn’s feet. She smiled and bent down to scratch Spike’s back. When she looked up she finally noticed that everyone was at the ready for something. “What?”

“Nothing we just thought that something may have found its way through the forest and possibly was going to attack us. Really just nothing.” Said Elderist giving her a look like it should have been obvious.

“You will get use to him gentlemen I am sure. Now let us eat.” Said Flynn as she sat down on the opposite side of Kai where there was a bowl. She looked around quickly as if noting something. “Umm, there seems to be a bowl missing.”
“No, I got out the right amount of bowls for everyone. I counted to make sure.” Said Gurmble.

“Well you must be mistaken because I do not see one for Spike.” Said Flynn. At this Spike gave a low growl in the direction of Gurmble.

Gurmble looked at Spike and gave him a quick smile and said “Sorry about that. Thought you had your dinner when you were chasing that chicken. My apologies.” He then got out another bowl and placed it on the floor beside Flynn. He then went around and ladled stew into everyone’s bowl then sat down himself with a bowl of stew. Everyone started to eat even Kai, who finally put down the book.

“So did you enjoy the read Kai?” Asked Gurmble.

“Yes, very much so. It was a fable about some unicorn and was quite entertaining. Not too much to learn but I think I may have found a place that they reference a unicorn could possibly be found currently. It corresponds with a place I have seen on maps of the world. But very hard to get too and said to be protected by some large magical beasts.” Kai told Gurmble in a matter of fact voice. “But then again you never know. Those beasts could have died a long time ago. Considering I reckon that the story is at least two thousand years old and was retold so many times that the place referenced could be very far off from where the grove really is.”

“Wow, you have learned a lot in a short time.” Gurmble said through a mouthful of stew.

Joanan smiled and said “Growing up with Kai was very interesting. He had this theory that every story has some form of truth in it. Even the one about the Litch that hides under the beds of bad boys and girls waiting for them to go to sleep to suck the life out of them. Even though a Litch has not been seen in hundreds of years anywhere near any city or town. He still claims that the Litch was not destroyed. Also something about a small box or something that holds the Litch’s soul.”

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