Page 16

As everyone but Kai went upstairs to find a good room Gurmble dropped the rabbit into the boiling water followed shortly by the vegetables. He then went about throwing a few spices into the water for a little extra flavor. It didn’t take too long for Elderist to come charging back down the stairs making so much noise that it sounded like a large BugBear was going to come crashing into the room. Instead Elderist burst into the room exclaiming “Holy cow. How is this possible? The room that fit me perfectly looks exactly like my Grandfathers’. He lived in the woods shortly out of town! How did you do that?!”

“Well I would say that your Grandfather must have built a house with a room that matched his here. Most likely you got the room your own Grandfather use to live in. My father suspected as much. He said that when the day came that everyone departed from this place they were all sad, like they were leaving a lover behind.” Said Gurmble.

Right after him came Joanan, running as well and not looking where he was going. He came down the final step and ran right into Elderist. Bowling Elderist over onto the ground, Elderist’s mouth still gabbing open. Joanan briefly looked down at Elderist and noticed that he did that. “Sorry buddy!” Joanan then helped him up by extending a hand. Elderist was still in such a good mood that he didn’t care about being bowled over and accepted the help up. “You just will not believe it though. The room that I am staying is looks exactly……….”

“Like your Grandfathers!!!!” Finished Elderist for Joanan. Joanan looked at him puzzled and nodded his head.

“Yes, how did you know?” Asked Joanan.

“Because mine is like my grandfathers’ as well!” Elderist replied back enthusiastically. Smiling brightly.

“Oh, Kai I have found the room you might like as well. It is the only one that kind of looked like the one in your house. Some books but not many. There was another room with a lot of empty books but I knew you had no use for them. Also there is pouches everywhere. It almost smells like a spice factory.” Joanan said now turning toward Kai.

Kai looked up at Joanan and gave him a smile. “Thank you my friend. You have been very helpful.”

“No problem. Just so you know it is at the end of the hall on the left.” Joanan said. “Gurmble do you need any help with the stew?”

“Nope just need to let it cook now Joanan. But thank you.” Gurmble replied.

“Oh, I had just one question. Why are there little wooden figures outside the doors? I would never think of practicing indoors, if that is what they are for.” Said Elderist coming around the table.

“Ha ha. Those are for your armor Elderist. When you are here all you have to do is place your armor on them. They hold them in place so it is easier to put on when the time comes and it help the armor keep it’s’ shape. With the woods here it is safe so you won’t need to wear it anyways.” Gurmble said with a smile.

For a while everyone stood there and talked about how they grew up and why they decided to start studying. Everyone seemed to have the same reason, being that their relatives did what they were doing and they became famous because of the thirteenth legion. All except Kai who was completely engrossed in the book that he was reading. It seemed that in no time dinner was ready.

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2 Responses to Page 16

  1. dmossenkop says:

    So… Grumble is now Gurmble and Elderist is now Everist. Was that intentional? Because it is consistent.

    • caspius1 says:

      Gurmble has always been Gurmble but you are correct Elderist all of a sudden changed to Everist on page 11. This issue will be corrected in what is currently up and fixed on all other pages. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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