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Flynn being surrounded now by forest seemed to relax just a bit and Spike feeling the ease of tension started to chase a chicken around looking for his own meal. The chicken saw him coming and ran straight for the edge of the woods. Everyone stopped to watch when they heard the commotion of the chicken as it ran. Spike quickly caught up to the chicken and went to pounce. As soon as Spike’s paws came off the ground the chicken turned sharply. Spike tried to correct his trajectory in midair but only succeeded in turning his front half, over twisted, and landed on his side. He ended up rolling over three times until he disappeared into the edge of the woods. Spike seemed to be swallowed up by the edge of the forest. When they saw Spike get swallowed by the forest they all let out a booming laugh. Even Flynn couldn’t help but give a chuckle.

When Gurmble got himself together again he turned around and headed straight for the door of the house. Right next to the door hung three recently trapped rabbits from a piece of wood. He took them down and opened the door, looked back toward everyone and said “I will have the stew done in about an hour. Flynn just in case you are worried I caught these this morning outside of the city. So I believe you would say the goddess provided.” With a quick smile he walked into the open door.

Everyone followed him into the house single file. Immediately they found themselves in a big room. To there right was a door that lead into the back. Just before the door was a large bar that was fully stocked. To their left was a large table that could seat well over thirty people. Each side had fifteen wooden chairs with two more at each end. If need arose you could almost fit ten more chairs on each side but you would feel a little cramped. Straight in front of them just past the table there was a stairway that lead to the second floor. At the very end of the house from the left of the door was the large window. Slightly to the right of the window was a large fire place that Gurmble was working on lighting. It didn’t take him long to do so. The effects of the heat could be felt almost immediately. The back wall behind the table was all bookshelves filled with books. Many of them so old they looked like they would crumble if you even tried to read them.

Kai was completely fascinated by the books and started to look at all the bindings. Trying to find anything new he might be able to learn. “Wooooow. Where did you get all these?” He said while fingering a book that was bounded in a green leather. The writing on the binding was faded and unreadable.

“Oh, my father was an avid book collector. Whenever he saw one he had to buy it. No matter how mundane. He always said that in these books one could learn about anything. But I never got into them at all. Most of them were just diaries about the hopes and dreams of the people that wrote them. Some broke down battles from before the goblin wars. None of them were done by dwarfs. But my father insisted there were things in them that you could learn. Go ahead read one if you want. But try not to destroy any of them.” Said Gurmble as he put a pot on to boil and started to prepare the vegetables and rabbit for the stew.

Kai quickly took him up on the offer and took down the book he was fingering. He sat down in the closest chair and started to read intensely.

“If you guys would like you can go upstairs and look at the rooms. Find one that feels comfortable to you.” Said Gurmble waving the knife that was in his hands in the direction of the stairs. Elderist was the first to reach the stairs and practically ran up them. Joanan followed behind him and Flynn headed up skeptically.

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