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Gurmble then turned and walked into the forest right between the two stones that he pointed out previously. Flynn, Elderist, Joanan, and Kai looked at each other then at the spot Gurmble walked through then back at each other again. Right after he penetrated the edge of the forest Gurmble just seemed to disappear. They couldn’t even see him through the gaps in the trees. They stood there dumbfounded for what seemed liked hours until Gurmble’s head peaked out. “Well don’t just stand there lets go. This is the right spot so come on!” Gurmble’s hand poked out from between the trees as well and waved them on. From where the others were standing it almost was comical. A disembodied hand motioning for them as a disembodied head loomed over said hand and talked.

All three started to move forward. As they penetrated the tree line all of them in succession slowed down, curious as to what would, or if anything would happen to them. Like turning invisible or something like that. None of them went invisible and as they looked down at their feet they noticed that a small path seemed to run forward. Looking behind themselves they could see the road clearly as if the path had been there the whole time and should be noticeable on the roadway.

“Stop dilly dallying. Let’s go. I would like to get back home before night fall.” Said Gurmble from up ahead. Elderist being the first one behind Gurmble started to walk forward after satiating his curiosity. The group followed Gurmble along that narrow path for a few short minutes when all of a sudden the path just broke out into a giant clearing. In that clearing stood a large house. The house was two stories and had a pitched roof. It looked closely like a two story barracks made to look like a log cabin. Trees stacked upon trees to make the outside of the house. There was a large opening in the end of the house facing them. It served as a large bay window on the bottom floor. A little behind the house could be seen a covered forge and anvil that was open to the air. At the far end of the clearing there stood a large barn. Where one could clearly stable a large group of horses. Running around was a large group of chickens.

Gurmble turned and smiled as everyone finally came off the path. “Welcome to my home. This is where the Thirteenth legion use to live. Many meetings were held here. My father was able to keep the place for himself, being the only member of the Thirteenth legion to actually be from Minius. Now that he is gone it is mine. On the stipulation that should the city ever need my help they will have my full protective support.” Gurmble started to walk toward the house and everyone followed behind.

“I noticed you have a smithing area here. Why were you at that blacksmiths if you could just make the weapons here and take them over yourself?” Asked Joanan.

“Well they gather the weapons at the place and I find it much easier to make the weapons there. It also helps that they save a station just for me. It does save a lot of haling of ingots and then finished products back and forth. Also had to sell my fathers’ donkey so I don’t have an easy way to transport the wares anymore. The donkey was getting old and I haven’t had a good income with this problem. Still trying to find my way. The guard paid well but I just felt the need to travel and see the world. I figured now with my father gone I could possibly explore such avenues. With the Goblin attacks recently it has slowed me down. Like I said I was sword to protect Minius and I take that duty seriously. But enough about me it is time to eat!” Said Gurmble as he started to walk toward the house. Everyone followed closely behind.

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