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“Well luckily my father told me the story of the forest. You see when the dwarfs were chased out of the mountains during the great goblin wars they settled here. Well this use to be all forests right up to the ocean. During the settlement time there were still tons of skirmishes and the Goblin army was chasing the dwarfs. This is the time all of the nation’s got together to form the thirteenth legion. The wizards’ guild even came to help out. How they did this was by creating a small pocket that could protect the citizens of Minius. So they took this small portion of land and casted spells on it. At first if one walked into this forest without knowing the true path they would be lost for days. Now after almost three hundred years it seems that the magic is starting to fade. It is spotty at best. One day I think it will just stop all together.” Said Gurmble.

“So the wizards of old did this?” ask Kai “Very interesting. Is there any remnants of them around here Gurmble? I would be very interested in paying them a visit.”

“Well I heard that all the wizards during that time have passed away. But you could visit the wizards’ guild in the city. I can show you tomorrow where it is.” Replied Gurmble.

“Well if this forest is protected how did you build your house in it?” Joannan asked inquisitively.

“Actually Joanan the house was built first. It was built to house the leaders of the thirteenth. Believe it or not the wizards also protected that with magic. As long as I have lived there the rooms have never needed to be cleaned and if something was taken from a room it would just reappear back there within a day. My father didn’t even know how the wizards managed to make that happen. Also they protected the building itself from any kind of ballista attack as well as fire. Originally my father said it could take a blast from a boulder and not get a scratch on it. That magic too has started to fade in time. It can still withstand a barrage from arrows but not much more than that.” As Gurmble said this they came to a fork in the road where Gurmble promptly took the left path which still had the forest on their left. “The rooms themselves are very interesting as well. They just seem to fit certain people. I believe you all are in for a treat. Now where is that path?” Gurmble stopped in middle of the street and started to look at the forest with a thoughtful expression.

“I thought you knew the true path Gurmble.” Said Elderist

“Of course I know the true path. Just takes me a little time once in a while. The forest always looks the same. And if the magic is working at the moment it can hide the path even from my eyes.” Said Gurmble as he started to search even more. Everyone behind him started to look at each other nervously. None of them really wanted to be lost in a magic forest. Let alone sleep in one. Considering it was now started to get dark they really hoped it didn’t come down to that.

“Aha here it is!” Yelled Gurmble as he pointed to a spot not five feet left of where he stood.

“Are you sure dwarf?” Asked Flynn. “Because if you are not I would just rather leave this rotten smelling place and return to the forest instead of spending more time out here.”

“You see these two stones?” Gurmble said pointing to two slightly larger stones on the side of the street. “My father put those down there when he finally returned from fighting. He kind of got tired of waiting for me to come out of the forest when I kept taking the wrong path as a child. I had to remember what they looked like. That way no one else would know and I could get back home without the help of my father.” Gurmble smiled big as if he was proud. Everyone just kind of looked at each with a little bit of skepticism. Gurmble caught their looks and chuckled. “Come on you don’t want to miss one of my home cooked rabbit stews.”

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