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“Because, my dear friend, he told you before you left that there were no returns. Also the gods did not let us die Kai. Those kobolds could have easily killed us on the road while we were passed out. But they didn’t. Also the gods grant me the great ability to heal our wounds. How else would we have gotten here in such good time with the wounds that we suffered from the hands of those kobolds? How much more proof can you ask for to believe that the gods are there watching over us? ” Joanan again leaned toward Kai so he could be heard over the noise. Preferring to talk in a normal voice over yelling.

“More Joanan, just a lot more.” Said Kai exasperated. “We haven’t been traveling for much more than a month and we have been robbed three times. THREE! I thought I was smatter then that.”

At this time Gurmble draped an arm around Kai (as much as a dwarf could drape an arm around a six foot human) while still laughing. “If it is a dagger you want. You….could….always… take… one….of….mine at my home. They are just as good as masterwork. I got plenty. It is the first thing you make when studying weaponsmithing. Muhahahaha. But, boy did he get you good!”

Elderist made is way over still laughing as well to join the other four. “Oh, man you guys are great. I love you already.”
“How did you all beat me here? Especially with THAT hyena. I could hear him laughing in middle of the forest. And just as I feared the middle of these woods is just as gross and uncomfortable as the outside.” Came a female voice from behind everyone. They all turned to see that Flynn had finally emerged from the forest. Spike came bounding out after her.

“Well Flynn we didn’t beat you. You actually are back where you started. What I was trying to tell you before you went right in is that these woods are magically protected. You can’t enter them unless you know where the one true path lies. Luckily you were only gone for a couple of minutes.” Said Gurmble with a smile still cracked on his face as he patted Kai’s back hard and walked toward Flynn. “Now if you would like I think we are all ready now to continue on. And trust me you will like it when you get inside Flynn. Just got to have faith.”

“The only faith I have is for my goddess and my faithful companions.” Flynn said. As she said companions she bent down and patted Spike on the head. She smiled down at him and scratched behind his ear. “Animals never lie to you. They are always true to themselves. Unlike some other people I have dealt with.”

“Well you can trust me Flynn.” Replied Gurmble. “I would never dream of back stabbing a child of my father’s friends. It is almost like we are family in my eyes Flynn. Even though I have never met any of you before. I already feel that I finally belong. Now enough with the sappy stuff and let us get going. I am starting to get tired.”

Gurmble headed back through the buildings and took a left when he got to the road again. Everyone followed behind. Flynn trailing behind with Spike by her side. After a few yards the road took a sharp left on this side the forest grew right up to the side of the road on everyone’s left.

“Why is this forest protecting by magic Gurmble?” Asked Joanan curiously. “Just seems kind of weird to have something like that in middle of a city like this.”

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