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They quickly got to where Flynn had entered and leaned up against the two buildings to wait. “So Kai I have been meaning to ask you. Why do you wear that armor? Doesn’t it interfere with your casting?” Asked Gurmble.

“Yes it does interfere but minimally at best. I made the decision to wear it because of the long travel Joanan and I faced to get here. I figured with the extra protection I get from having it on would be more then sufficient to counteract the negatives of fumbling and losing my concentration while casting. Typically it doesn’t bother me but every once in a while something just doesn’t allow the full movement that I need to cast.” Said Kai.

“That is interesting. Maybe now that you have some more help you can take it off. Considering that is barely protecting you as it is. Looks like it wasn’t taken care off after the original owner took it off.” Said Gurmble.

Kai opened up his robe and looked down at the armor that he wore. When he did this Gurmble noticed a dagger hanging at the wizards’ side. The dagger was slightly lop sided and the hilt looked shoddily made to Gurmbles’ expert eyes. “Yea you are right. My father gave it to me shortly after I let him know that I was leaving. He pulled it out of a chest that was in the attic. He told me that he had no use for it when he was younger but his father gave it to him so now he was passing it on to me. You know the typical fatherly stuff.” Said Kai as he fingered a particularly large whole in the middle of the chest area.
“Kai did you get that dagger from the chest as well?” Asked Gurmble.

“No? I got it here at the first blacksmith shop from the map I had. Do you like it?” Kai responded.

“Would that shop belong to someone named Bartamin?” Asked Gurmble. At this Kai nodded his head. “Don’t tell me you paid more than a couple of silver pieces for that. He is the only human blacksmith in this city. We dwarfs wouldn’t even give him a journeyman ship with the work that he does.”

“He said it was a special dagger. That it looked that way to be deceiving. I paid four gold pieces. It was in a case and everything. Told me it will show me what it can do when the time was needed. He seemed like a good fellow. Why?”

At this Gurmble let out a booming laugh. He laughed so hard he had to hold himself up by bracing himself with his knees and his back on the building he was standing next to. “On a dwarven maidens’ beard hair that is rich! Four gold? For that thing? Ha you fell for the old Bartamin junk removal trick. He always puts his horrible works that he just cannot sell and puts them into a glass blown box. Just to fancy it up a bit he says. Ha Ha Ha! I never thought it would actually work! HA HA HA HA HA!” At this Elderist started to laugh once again. Kai just stared daggers at Gurmble as he and the half-elf yucked it up.

“I will get those thieves for stealing from me!” Proclaimed Kai. “Starting by going back that smithy and getting my gold back from that Bartamin!” Kai began to walk back toward the street. Joanan grabbed him by the right wrist as he started to pass by.
“It is not his fault that you bought it my friend. Plus it is not your duty to serve your own justice. The gods will do that in their own time and in their own way.” Joanan said in a calm voice into Kai’s ear. If he didn’t talk to Kai so closely then he wouldn’t have been heard over the uproarious laughter coming from Elderist and Gurmble behind them.

“The gods have never done a thing to help us out. If there were such gods and they were protecting us Joanan do you think they would have let us be robbed by kobolds? And give me one good reason why I shouldn’t ask for my money back Joanan?” Kai shouted back.

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