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Gurmble looked around real quick to get his bearings once more. “Well we are pretty close. See those trees over there?” Gurmble pointed into the distance where just above a large grouping of three story buildings you could see a spot of green in the distance. Peaking from between the buildings you could also make out even more foliage as well as what looked like the beginnings of a forest. Flynn was torn with confusion in how a forest could be in middle of a city and pure enjoyment for being so close to the nature she loved. She almost began to run in the direction of the trees but held back waiting for the rest of the group.

Kai looked up at the trees then back at the map. He had complete confusion written over his face. “That shouldn’t be there. As a matter of fact nothing past those houses is on this map. We are on a dead end street according to this. It doesn’t seem this map was worth the two gold I paid for it at all!”

Gurmble chuckled “Let me see lad.” Kai gave him the map and Gurmble checked as well. “Ahh I see what happened. You my friend have been had. This map is a hastily drawn map from a horrible thief. He has been stealing the free maps that are at the gate and selling them. When he runs out of real maps he just sells the ones he quickly drew up. You two have some luck I tell you.” Gurmble couldn’t help but laugh just a little. With this Elderist began to laugh his belly laugh once more. Joanan just looked down at his feet embarrassed while Kai just looked completely angry staring daggers at Elderist. During this time Flynn took it upon herself to go on ahead. She took off in the direction of the trees and Spike followed.

“Hey where did Flynn go?” Asked Gurmble when he finally looked up. “Did you see where she went? Anyone?” He looked at the group one by one. Each in turn shook their head no. Elderist was still lying on the ground at the time as well. Just then Gurmble looked toward the buildings and caught a glimpse of a black tail bobbing in between a couple of buildings. “WAIT FLYNN DON”T GO THAT WAY!!”

Flynn didn’t listen or couldn’t hear Gurmble and just continued walking. She got to the forest and walked straight in. “Darn it. That is going to slow us down a bit.” Said Gurmble. “Let’s go and wait for her over there.”

Everyone looked at Gurmble (Elderist looked up at Gurmble for once) in confusion. “What do you mean? Shouldn’t she be able to get to the cabin before us by going the most direct way?” Asked Kai as he crumbled up the map and throw it behind him into a gutter.

“You would think so lad. But all my life those trees have been protected by magic. Whoever goes into the forest off the chosen path just comes right back out. I have tried it myself. Especially when I forget exactly where the entrance is. What happens is you walk straight for what seems like eternity. Just when you see the edge of the forest and break out you notice that you are right back where you started. The timing is always different as well. You can be walking straight for hours or just minutes. I hope it is just minutes for now.” Said Gurmble. “So follow me so we can meet up with her when she gets out.” Gurmble began to walk toward the spot Flynn had entered the woods. Everyone else looked at each other in confusion, shrugged, and then followed.

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