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“Well it was a journey that took us five weeks. We got attacked by kobolds as well. They seemed very deft at dodging my blows. As well as good at making me a pin cushion.” Said Joanan. “If it wasn’t for Kai we would most likely be dead right now. I am glad he journeyed with me. We grew up together and were childhood friends. I always wanted to be a Cleric and he always fantasized about being able to cast spells. We were both lucky to fulfill our dreams. My god protects us. Of course if you ask Kai he would say otherwise. Most likely that he protects us.”

“Joanan I can talk for myself you know.” Said Kai as he continued to study the map. “I just choose my words sparingly. Unlike you.” At this he whistled. From a nearby rooftop a raven took flight. The raven circled slowly and descended down and gently landed on Kai’s right shoulder. Kai lifted his left hand and gently scratched behind the raven’s neck as he stared back down at the map. “Also if you remember correctly we did lose all our possessions in the mountain pass. We were lucky those kobolds were only looking to rob and not just out to kill a couple of humans.”

“WAIT! You were robbed by kobolds?!? HA ha ha ha!” Elderist had to stop because he was laughing so hard. “Really? Those runts? Bwhahahaha!” Elderist collapsed in middle of the road in laughter. He started to roll on the ground. Everyone stopped and just stared at him except for Kai who looked up at his surroundings, looked down at Elderist, then looked back at the map.

“HEY GET OUT OF THE WAY!” yelled someone behind the group. “CAN’T YOU SEE YOU ARE HOLDING EVERYONE UP?”

“Our apologies sir.” Said Gurmble as he moved over to the side to give way. Everyone then did the same, except for Elderist, who was too busy rolling on the ground and laughing.

“Hahahahahah! That is rich! Robbed by Kobolds! Hahahaha!” Elderist just kept laughing not noticing all the people who had to walk around him.

“It is not that funny Elderist” Said Gurmble.

“If you really think about it sir we would have been attacked by more Kobolds at once then you. Knowing them they would be willing to jump a single traveler with three or four of them. While as with a pair of travelers they would wait for at least eight of them before they attempted a robbery. Just in case of a fight.” Kai said looking up again from the map. “Also we were able to track down half the group that attacked us and dealt with them accordingly. As you know I am a spell users. As everyone knows spell users can only cast a certain amount of spells in a given twenty four hour period. So for a future heads up. We did not meet any opposition in our travels today. So I have a full accompaniment of spells at my disposal. Maybe we can keep going without incident now?”

Elderist stopped laughing and looked up from the ground and smile. “Hey just a joke my friend. No need to get angry. I was just having some fun.”

“Now that THAT is over can we keep moving? I really do not like being here. How much further until your house Gurmble?” Asked Flynn clearly ready to move. “I feel like these houses are trying to crush me.” Spike looked up and whined a little at Flynn. “Spike feels the same way. We can’t stand it much longer. So please continue on, and get up Half-breed. You have held us up long enough.”

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