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Flynn just smiled and said, “First off that thing has a name. And that is Spike. Also you shouldn’t have to worry unless you attack him first. Then he will most certainly go into a rage. He is not very pleasant during that time. But luckily I can control it. So, just watch out. Oh, and again his name is Spike. Try not to forget that. Okay?” Flynn smiled again as everyone took a step back from the animal except for Joanan, who took several.

Gurmble made his way to the door, skirting Spike as much as possible. Everyone got up and followed. It made for a very comical sight. With Gurmble standing only five feet tall everyone else towered over him. It looked a lot like a bearded child being followed by some sickly adults. Behind Gurmble was Elderist, then Joanan, Flynn, and lagging behind was Kai. “Hold up a second.” Said Elderist. At the door he quickly grabed a backpack and a large scythe.

Once they got to the streets Kai pulled out a crude map and seemed to be studying it as they walked. “So I am interested how your travels went. I figure you may have had the quickest travel with maybe a five day march am I right Elderist? I figure the closest Half-Elf village is about that far away.” Said Gurmble

“Yes you are correct. It did take me five days. It wasn’t that bad though. You see traveling from my village I was attacked by a group of Kobolds. You know those four foot, snot colored, gator snouted, twig swinging, nothings. Yea they may have landed a good blow here and there, but I beat them back handily. Just before I found you I decided to take what I proffered from their persons to buy a nice scythe and some new armor. Anyone want to help me put it on?” Elderist said with a slight wink behind him.

“Pfft! As if!!” Flynn said with clear disgust in her voice at that notion.

“Oh, come on pretty. It is the finest scale male armor one can find. Also afterward we might be able to have some fun if you get my meaning.” Elderist winked once again at Flynn. When he did this he heard a low growl coming from beside Flynn, looking down his eyes went wide.

“Forgot about my friend Spike didn’t you? Either way that is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Raping the land for mass consumption. Just touching that would be an affront to my sensibilities. Why I prayed to the goddess for weeks for her to offer up the materials for the scimitar at my side. I would never take from the land for my own personal gain. You have to ask for it and the goddess will provide. Either way you have the stink of a large civilization on you. How can you live here Gurmble? One can’t move about freely. And that stench! It smells like a hundred bears just took a dump in my nose! What is that?” Flynn wrinkled up her face as she covered her nose with a free hand.

“That my fair Flynn is called bodily waste. Right now we have the gutters that we flush out once a week. Tomorrow happens to be that day for this week. Currently we are working on some underground channels to dump the waste into the ocean. But, the work is going slow. And I agree with you. It is hard living in a big city. But you get used to. I would much prefer the mountains. They just seem to be calling to me. Whenever I travel there I feel at peace like I have journeyed home finally. But us dwarfs have not gone back since our home was taking over in the first goblin wars. I can’t even say why I get that feeling either. I have never lived in the mountains. But my father always talked about it as if it was paradise. We make do though.” Replied Gurmble. “But anyways how was your travels Joanan and Kai? With the nearest human settlement being, what a month or more away? It must have been hard. Especially for you two.”

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