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comrade. Both men looked like they went several rounds with a young dragon…… and lost.

The one with the war hammer had a pocked mark face and short black hair. His eyes were a deep dark brown. He supported a small black goatee. His skin was deep red from a recent sun burn. Most likely because he spent long hours inside a building and now is just getting back into the sun. He had on moth ridden leather armor and a religious symbol on a chain around his neck. Holes could be seen in his armor in several locations and old dried blood crusted over them, they were both hobbling instead of walking toward the table. He looked worse for wear. He had a hard limb as if his leg was almost broken and the holes looked like someone had just kept stabbing him with a javelin of some sort. His armor looked like it was going to fall off anytime soon. He pulled up close to the table and began to talk.

“We were told that we could find someone here.” The man’s weariness showed through in his voice. “I am hoping that that is the case. We have traveled a long way to meet this person. I wonder if you could help us please.”
Gurmble’s keen eye discerned that both men’s’ armor looked to have been mended many times, both with magic and by leather workers. Gurmble looked up at both men. He knew without looking that both sets of armor would bare a certain mark: the number 13.
“I am going to take a guess on who you might be looking for. Would that be Rathbun Proudhammer?” asked Gurmble. The two men looked at each other in surprise. Gurmble simply stated, “You have found his son, Rathbun no longer lives. Please take a seat. By the way my name is Gurmble. To my left is Elderist and on my right is Flynn. They have come today looking for Rathbun as well. We were just getting to know each other. They happen to be hoping for stories of their ancestors. Seems to be happening a lot lately. Now what happens to be your names and what brings you in search of the dead?”

Both men looked at each other once again in befuddlement, than the bigger of the two spoke. “My name is Joanan and my friend here is Kai. We have traveled a long ways to get here. We both came in search of the man that our grandfathers’ always talked about. We were under the impression that he was still alive, him being a dwarf and all. I will pray for his soul. So that he may reach the afterlife in peace. May the gods welcome his heroic soul with open arms. But I digress. I-“, at this Kai elbowed Joanan,”We were in search for him to tell us about our ancestry as well. Our armor was handed down to us. When they were given to us our parents said that our grandfathers wore them and that they were originally worn in the 13th legion. It is interesting that you would know where they came from just by looking at them. I find that very fascinating. Maybe you can teach me how you can tell someday? But again I digress.” Again Kai elbowed Joanan. Joanan turned to Kai “Umph. You keep doing that Kai and you will break even more of my ribs. Stop it.” Joanan turned back to Gurmble and continued. “Anyways to tell you the truth we have come to learn more of our ancestors. I said that already, didn’t I? Well, maybe Rathbun told you some stories that involved them. We would be most interested in hearing such tales.”

At this Gurmble just simply nodded. “Well if you haven’t noticed yet, which I think you have, our great city is under lockdown. It has become treacherous to travel anywhere outside of it. We are under constant threat of aggression from a large band of goblins. We still do not know what has caused this, but since your here let’s talk about our fathers and get to know each other. To do this though I prefer the luxury of home. Follow me, I have enough rooms for all of you and I know you will find them to your liking.” Gurmble slowly stood up but, he hesitated slightly when he saw Flynn’s companion friend, Spike, bolt up onto all fours. “Aah! I don’t know if I will ever get used to that thing.”

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  1. dmossenkop says:

    Your writing is improving quickly. Details are obviously flowing more easily and the story is starting to pick up.

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