What would it be
To see through another’s eyes
Would the colors be as bright
Would the shadows be just as dark
Would I still appreciate that beauty
That always surrounds me

Would I be
That one that focuses on me
Would I still be brave
Enough to be able to save
A life or two
From certain doom
Would I be the one stuck in gloom
Wondering when a compliment will come
All it could take is some
Preventing a deadly jump
Ending in a sickening thump

Would I be another gender
Facing down all nay sayers
Would I be intolerant
Get up on soap boxes to rant about it
Would I be a follower
Never making my own decisions
Would I be a controller
Making decisions that are nefarious

Could I be a perfect person
Never judging or thinking others inferior
Treating everyone with respect
Never hurting them with words of hate
Never to discriminate

That is what I strive to be
But imperfection is in me
Thinking things would be better
If everyone would just listen to me

Harboring hatred and anger
For those who ignore
Everyone and everything
Thinking they are right
To only care for themselves
And the others below
Could just go
To a place of fire and brimstone

They can’t open their eyes and see
What they do looks badly
To those that see
Through their masking personas

Perfection would not last
In this worldly mess
Of destructive attitudes

Everyone trying to get you to fit
Into where they think you should be
Based off your color, gender, size, religion, or creed
Step outside that box
And be smashed back
With force and ferocity

Maybe we all need to step back
And look at
The things we say to others
And think before we crack back
Think about those we smother
Stifling the talent of the next generation
That will lead our nation

What would happen if we did this
Then maybe we could see
The world would be a better place
With peace and true harmony

By Joshua Bradford

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