Faithful Leap

Looking down from my perilous perch
Sixty feet below my eyes
Is white caps crashing
Engulfing rocks below
Then flowing back to show
The dagger like edges
Feeling lost in that scenery
Waking up all my sensorys

Take a deep breath
Look up to the blue reflection
Time seems to slow
Contemplating that faithful leap
Gather up the courage within
Back away from that edge
Gain speed and make that leap

Free falling with roaring in my ears
Waves come rushing in to meet
Everything slows to a crawl
As I keep up my fall
Floating on air currants
So free in this moment

Water finally greets
Slowing my decently feat
Toughing the sandy bottom
Push up to break the water
Fill my lungs up once more
Look up to see that cliff above
And think back to that crazy rush
One great exhilarating experience
What a way to live
On Adrenaline

By Joshua Bradford

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