The Castle

A stronghold you once were
Placed just so on your perch
So beautiful and majestic
A bastion of protection
An amazing sight for tired eyes to see
Always wanting a citizen to be
Under those towers shade
No longer anyone’s slave
The king making all the calls
Of whose argument shall stand or fall
But all that matters no more
The King now lays below the floor

This is all in the past
That city just couldn’t last
Can’t help but imagine
When you were in fashion
Now seen by the masses
Mostly for history classes

Such a pity your time is gone
Your us now done
But your walls have staid
No matter how long those bricks been laid
Built with some hassle
Was this great castle

A museum to the curious
People acting out the perilous
All to show the history
But it can never show the mystery
Of what happened behind those walls
Oh, so long, long, long ago.

by Joshua Bradford

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