The Gladiators

What would it be like
To get on that stage
During those life and death games
Your blood spilled for all the masses
Cheers, no matter what happens
Do you know when it is your day
To be a victim of their gay

Just before that gruesome fight
Having to face your own freight
Maybe like an actor during their first curtain
But that can’t be because no harm will fall their person

Maybe like being out to sea
Storms dwarfing the boat to a miniscule pea
But that can not be
Because there is no opponent seen

Maybe like a boxer
Standing in front of their locker
But that can not be true
Because no death should befall you

Most likely a soldier entering a compound
Not knowing who or what will be found
Death around every corner
Heart beating to an unseen drummer

That has to be the closest I see
To what a gladiator can be
Feeling all in a clutter
Possibly thinking of mothers
Having to work for their coin
Hoping to not get hit in the groin

Maybe elevate their family’s status
When their done with all their matches
This must be their motivation
To hold that gladiator station
The only way to keep going on
That deadly, bloody stage

By Joshua Bradford

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