Fishers Day

Sun crests the horizon
Dew clinging to the branches
The chill holding on this morning
Grab the hook, line, worms, and pole
Time to go to the fishing hole

Put on my boots and head out the door
This is one day I won’t be bored
A clearing day from stress
Getting rid of my unrest

Tie up the hook and bobber
Bait it and drop it into the water
Take a seat and wait
For something to take the bait
Relax and let the mind wonder
Problems couldn’t be any farther

Get a pull and a tug
As the bobber is drug
With a pull of the wrist I set
That hook the best
Pulling like a tiger at the other end
That fish beings to send
My line farther a way
I pulled to change its direction and it gave
Giving me back some line
Reeling in the whole time

One more push of strength
That fish took out more line length
With a steady tug
I brought that fish back like a slug
Slowly and surely

Almost felt like fighting a shark
Maybe get him in by dark
Only a few minutes actually past
When it comes out at last
Not as big as a rhino
Though a bit bigger than a minnow
Unhook and send it on its’ way
Back to whence it came

Having fun in the sun
Couldn’t think of a better day then this one.

By Joshua Bradford

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