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when he was in the Great Goblin wars. Since he was a ranger and I am as well. I figured this armor would be perfect for training.”Elderist looked into Gurmble’s eyes and noticed a glint of something that he just could not wrap his mind around.

“One more question for you my boy. Why are you telling me about your father dying? Why don’t you just take care of your Mother who is most likely grieving right now for her loss? Shouldn’t you be home putting her grieving heart at ease?” Gurmble asked gruffly.

“Well I would be home if that was the case sir. Unfortunately I do not have a mother and was hoping I could possibly find help in searching for her. Maybe a few clues that your father could have known.” Elderist explained with some sadness in his voice.

“I feel your pain Elderist. I do not have a mother as well. It was just me and my father since I could remember. That armor you wear, you would be happy to know, is really the armor of the 13th legion. Well Elderist me boy you can stay with me until we can figure something out about your mother. I will NOT take no for an answer. I have the space and I do believe there is a room that you may feel very comfortable in.” Gurmble said with a smile.

“You’ll help me find my mother?” asked Elderist hopefully.

“Now I didn’t say anything about that.” retorted Gurmble. “But we will SEE. First it looks like you could use some rest. Seems you had to use your armor and weapons on your way here. Sit down so we can talk a little about your grandfather and maybe I can tell you some stories about him that my father told me. If I can remember any.” Gurmble said gesturing to a table in a corner of the shop. Elderist, finally showing his weariness, walked half slumped over to the table with a smile on his face. The dust of the long road sloughing off with every step he took.

Once they got to the table they started to sit. Half way between sitting and standing the door opened and there in the entrance stood a wolverine. Dark brown fur with sharp fangs slightly protruding, nose up in the air as if following a scent. Both of them quickly stood up and readied their weapons. As they waited for the inevitable attack they notice a young Elvin woman coming into the doorway. She stood five foot five and had long straight black hair. She had a lithe body that was accentuated by her pristine leather armor hugging her athletic form. Her pointed ears were slightly protruding from smooth black locks that fell around her face. Her eyes were green as the grass in summer. She came into the door frame and scanned the room. She noticed the two at the ready with weapons hefted. “Oh, I am sorry I keep forgetting people in here are not always excited to see my friend. Don’t worry though. He is really quite nice. That IS unless you get either one of us angry.” She said with a slight smile. Elderist and Gurmble both slowly slunk down into their chairs. Not knowing how to take it. They kept their weapons close to hand just in case.

They looked at each other across the table not saying a word. Judging each other to make sure no one was going to get aggressive. Gurmble was the first to talk “May I help you with anything?” He said a little nervously.

“Well, I was looking for someone and was informed I might be able to find them here. But I do not know what he looks like.” said the Young Elvin woman as she walked over to where the men were sitting. As she moved toward them Gurmble noticed she had a sling tucked into a belt at her side with a pouch close by, which Gurmble figured to be possible stones for the sling. Gurmble also noticed she had a bone structure that was quite

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  1. dmossenkop says:

    This page had had the best description of a character yet. nice job.

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