A Plantly Reminder

A bush that bleeds
From a broken heart shaped flower
As if constantly in sorrow
Your flowers red, yellow, pink, or white
How did you come to exist?

Did you grow from a dead soldier
Left on the battlefield
Thinking about their family never seen
A child at home never to be forgotten
Wondering when dad will be home
Asking mother often
From his chest did you grow?
Showing the world his thoughts you know?

Did you come from a child
Who was taken too soon
All full of potential
When he was going to school
Was made a victim
Of someone else’s system
Growing up from the pot
Showing the world what was lost

Did you come from a new mother
Who just gave birth
Then goes under
One glimpse of her child
Then never more to be
Sorrow because she can never see
What her child grows up to be
Are you showing her feelings?
The worst of it during your season?

Are you just a reminder
That the world has this sorrow
Will you bleed forever?
For all the world to see?
When I go will you bleed for me?

By Joshua Bradford

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