The Knightly Game

Cold crisp air
Nostrils begin to flare
The breath visible
Crowds have assembled
Waiting for fog to clear
Participants putting on their gear
Horses stamping in anticipation
To begin their procession

Coat of arms all procured
The matches being booked
Armor clad participants
Line up with introductory assistance
Fog begins lifting
Crowd starts shifting

Armored men mount their steeds
Everyone getting ready for the moment they meet
In a thundering cacophony

Mounted at opposite ends
Are the first armored men
Visors fully up
So they can size their opponent up
This is the critical moment
The first winning component

Games get under way
As the king gives the wave
Lances given to knights
So they are prepared for a fight

With a quick kick of the heels
The mounts start their wheels
Knights holding onto straps
Hooves making sounds like thunder claps
Two horses begining to converge
Sounding like thunderstorms that have merged

A loud crack resounds
Right in front of the crowd
After the dust settles
The victor is given his medal
Oh, what a sight to behold
Just like ye knights o’ olde

By Joshua Bradford

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