Dungeon Masters’ Revenge

DM opens his book
Oh, no he has THAT look
“To the mystical caves
It’s one of my favs
I made it up last night
Be prepared for extreme freight.”

Ok then we go straight
DM yells “WAIT!
At the entrance is a gate.”
“Kick it down” I say to my mates
“How bout we go left?”
There is nothing here to fret
Now we go right
A large monster comes in sight

Magic comes to my beck and call
Disbelief as it still stands tall
Swing of an axe
Seems to only make a scratch
Hit it with a club
DM just looks smug

Beat it with a staff
Weapon cracks “anyone have craft?”
Quick swing of a sword
Absolutely no gore
Try it with a Glaive
I think we are going to be his slave

Now it is the beasts’ turn
Hope we won’t get burned
With a hammer like fist
It hits me ruining the next spell on my list

We are all off our feet
Too bad we have been beat
“Can someone hand me another character sheet?”

By Joshua Bradford

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