Who watchs Whom

Fresh salt air filling lungs

Wind blowing through hair

The lapping of water upon ship

Sun rising over a blue green horizon

Splashing as sleek gray bodies dance on waves

The journey just beginning


Land disappears from sight

Water grows darker

Wind gets cooler

Cackling laughter of dolphins subside

White engulfs the boat as it cuts the water

Half way to the spectacle


Rose colored cheeks and noses abound

The whine of gears dull

Rushing water begins to lap again

A voice proclaims starboard

Eyes rush to meet

A white sail breaking water

With a thundering clap it returns

Gasps of excitement follow

The spectacle has begun


A goliath emerges from dark depths

With a curious eye he looks upon small creatures

Gathered on a wooden float

This is the disturbance

Exhaling exhausted oxygen

He delights in the noisome creatures reactions

It is time to play

By Joshua Bradford

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