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to fill in the benches. With the current patrons they were only able to fill up half the space. Harry looked up at Elric in a questioning way.

“It always starts out like this. No one TRULY knows when Pascius will actually show up. So when he does they send a runner. The gnome seemed to be the one who was on tonight. If you look there is a spot near the front. That is always for the person who get runner duty. They always save them the best seat. Just watch. In about an hour or so this place will be packed.” Said Elric.

Elric was just about right, about an hour and a half later patrons had filled up all the benches and were beginning to fill up the rest of the room. The gnome runner came back and the seat near the front was still there. Harry was amazed watching how everyone filed in and were actually cordial to each other. Races that were in war with each other not too long ago, were actually standing right next to one another. No one even looking disgusted, put out, or about to attack. They just stood or sat where they were in anticipation. Staring at Pascius as if he was a god and they were all in awestruck reverence.

Pascius just sat in the rocking chair staring at the fire. He didn’t look up at all, not even as the crowd filed in. Just kept looking straight ahead into the fire. Harry thought that at one point in time Pascius may have even died, but was relieved when he saw Pascius move his hand to scratch the tip of his nose. To Harry it was almost as if everything was rehearsed. People filing in as Pascius looked into the fire gathering his thoughts. But Harry knew he wasn’t gathering his thoughts. It looked to him as if Pascius was waiting for something to happen. Something important and the old man was the only one who knew what it was. Luckily during the hour of waiting Harry was very busy with drink orders for patrons that were coming in. It seemed everyone had to have their cultural drink and they all seemed to be waiting as patiently as any crowd could.

Just when it seemed that the crowd might get restless Pascius looked up from the fire and turned his gaze to the room. He looked from corner to corner sweeping the audience with his bright blazing blue eyes. The kind of eyes that told you this man was no man to trifle with. Pascius’s eyes showed that there was some secret power that no one was allowed to know. When Pascius’s gaze came to Harry it felt to Harry as if Pascius could read his every thought. Even reading his most secret memories, ones that he never shared with anyone. That is when Pascius’s mouth inched into a smile. As if he saw something that he might have been waiting years to happen.

That is when he spoke. “I see there are many new faces here tonight. It is finally time to tell a new story. One that no one has ever heard before. You all have heard about some of the greatest warriors and wizards of the past. I think it is now time to talk about the second coming of the thirteenth legion. The one that saved this planet from certain destruction and yet no one knew about. It has also been said that these heroes and heroines were from the lines of the gods. The most interesting part. They lived before anyone knew the names of the gods.” He paused here to let everyone soak in what he just said.

“This great occasion is a once in a life time. I tell you this story because we have the line of all of the families in this room together today. The most important of them was the line that brought the second thirteenth legion together. The Proudhammer line.  It really is glad to see you here Harry.” He turned to Harry with a big smile on his face. To Harry that smile was one of the most freighting it not the most frightening thing he ever

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