The reasons

So I figured first I will explain why I am starting this blog. Well to make it simple I am writing a novel and well sometimes you just can’t trust your friends to give you a good indication whether it is good or not. You always get that one that says “It’s alright. I mean I wouldn’t buy it.” But then again they are always the ones that don’t buy anything.

So here is my goal. I am going to post my novel here. Only the first 34 pages. I will post one page a week. That post will always be on Wednesday.  I will link to facebook and see the reactions. I am also going to post some of my other writings throughout the years. Of course only the ones that I liked. There will be a poem or two even though I am not always good with them. I am hoping that I can get some attention when books of my genre just do not get noticed anymore.

If this comes out to a book deal I will be excited. But I am not expecting it. I know I have great ideas just sometimes it is hard for me to express them in writing. So my first page post will be tomorrow. Thanks for reading already.

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