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          Harry was working the bar that night when a man hunched over and covered in a cloak walked into the door. He watched as the man limped his way toward the open faced fire place. Slowly walking around tables and benches. The patrons all looked up and immediately knew who this person was. Since it was Harry’s first day he didn’t know anything about this man. The patrons all moved out of the way if they could and the ones closest to the fire place started to move benches in front of a lone chair. The chair was a large red wood rocking chair. Well oiled, it seemed to gleam in the light of the fire. When Harry first walked in to get the job he noticed the chair and almost thought it to be a throne. He never asked what it was for.

As the man moved closer to the fire he noticed a white beard peeking out of black traveling cloak. He figured this was the old man that was such a legend in this tavern. Now Harry put two and two together. This was the man that told the stories about great adventurers before the gods had names. Before the last great war. Being a dwarf he was brought in to make the dwarven ale, also Harry had a great gift with people. Leaving his home in the mountains Harry decided to go to the melting pot of Minius to make his living and also to learn more about the world around him. Harry turned to the Elf next to him behind the bar and asked “So I heard of this guy. But what is his name?”

“His name is Pascius. I have been working here for over two years and I still get excited when I see him. I have probably heard every one of his stories yet I still have to listen whenever he comes in”, said Elric. Both Elric and Harry watched Pascius slowly make his way to the rocking chair / throne. The tavern had a good amount of patrons tonight. Harry knew this place was the most popular tavern in Minius mostly because of this one old man Pascius. No one remembers when he started to come and tell his stories, but everyone couldn’t get enough. Some humans and half-orcs even talk about how their fathers used to listen to Pascius’s stories. The few dwarfs and elves that still lived around Minius talked about how they use to listen to him when they were teenagers.

Some even said that Pascius was well over four hundred years old. Considering he was human that would be impossible. Some speculated that Pascius had to be told the stories by his father which was passed down by his father and so on. But since everyone remembers Pascius around the same age that would mean there had to be at least ten different Pasciuss’.

Everyone that was in the tavern started to migrate to the benches that were set up in front of Pascius’s rocking chair. Pascius slowly took off his hood. He had long white hair with a long white beard. What Harry found so peculiar was that he noticed Pascius’s eyes from where he was at. Pascius had bright blue eyes that could be seen from all the way across the room behind the bar. He had liver spots speckling his snow white skin, with a long pronounced noise coming down about his thin red lips. Pascius was thin but still showed what looked like a lot of muscle underneath that skin. His eyes also seemed to be all knowing as if he might have lived longer than anyone else.

Pascius finished taking down the hood and began to warm his hands, stretching them toward the fire. Harry watched as everyone finished moving the benches so that the crowd all had a view of Pascius. He watched as a gnome walked out the door quickly and with purpose. The rest of the patrons consisted of all the races of Kalisan: elves, dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs, halflings, half-elves, humans, and even some goblins. Everyone began

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